How To Eliminate Dark Spot

How To Eliminate Dark Spot

How To Eliminate Dark Spot of acne scars on the face? It may be that these questions began to arise when you’re in the mirror today. True, hell, black spots acne scars can be covered using the concealer. But, rather than constantly covering it, better let’s try some black spots to remove acne scars below!
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Eliminate Dark Spot

Take advantage of natural materials.

Do you know? Some natural ingredients known to have benefits both for the skin and is effective for eliminating acne scars. Among these are the chestnuts, lemon, honey, milk, and cucumbers. How to use it too easy, really. Simply make a mask and apply on the face once a week.

Not only help eliminate the black spots stubborn, a mask made from natural materials also have other benefits. For example, cucumber contains a substance astringentyang can be one way to shrink the pores on the face, and make skin feel fresh.

Apply a healthy lifestyle.

Besides depending on how the daily facial skin care, acne scars that would not go away are also influenced by their daily lifestyle, Girls. The more healthy lifestyle you live, your metabolism will get better, so that the skin regeneration process can take place more smoothly. Thus, any black spots acne scars disappear faster along on replacing old skin cells skin cells with new ones.

Apply sunscreen before outdoor activities.

Who said UV radiation only make your skin color so it looks darker? Moreover, when it takes place continuously in the long term, exposure to sunlight can also make acne scars longer stay in the skin, you know.

Direct radiation of sunlight triggers a process of skin pigmentation which impact on the more dark black blemishes acne scars. Therefore, do not forget to apply sunscreen before the move so that the skin is better protected, yes! Sunscreen that you can choose quite diverse, ranging from a lotion, spray, until the cream with SPF that can be tailored to the needs, ranging from SPF 15, 30, up to 50 or more.

Choose skin care products for black stain.

As with acne, black spots need to get the right treatment so slowly obscured. In addition to the care with some of the above, do not forget to select the daily facial care products that can address the black stain of acne scars.


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