Ellen DeGeneres Launches Brand Fashion ED

Ellen DeGeneres Launches Brand Fashion ED

Ellen DeGeneres – Who does not know Ellen DeGeneres? Ladies favorite talk show presenter has just launched its newest brand fashion titled ED. Ellen premiere collection has been released in early July 2015 last month. Let’s see her creation!
Ellen DeGeneres
Brand ED. taken from the initials of the name of Ellen offers some kind of fashion, such as casual, chic, and minimalist. In addition, the products available is quite varied, loh! Ranging from jackets, blazers, shirts, t-shirts up. Not to forget, the 57-year-old woman was also released various kinds of accessories in the form of simple yet attractive, which is a tote bag, a hat, and a bracelet that can be worn by both men and women.

Furthermore, Reviews These accessories have Reviews their own words! Accessories issued every word has its own unique carvings and different, such as smile, happiness, faith, and others. Besides fashion, Ellen also release products for home decoration purposes. Call it supplies the bar, pillowcases, to tableware designed with an attractive design.

“I like the aesthetic, I love the design. The best design has a touch of whimsy, but should feel relaxed, “Ellen said as quoted by detik.com.

What a good start, Ellen! And good luck for your new brand!


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