Eye Pouch Can Be Eliminated

Eye Pouch Can Be Eliminated – Eye bags or dark circles under the eyes are the most disliked by women, because with the eyes pockets, the face so look lethargic, dull, and unhealthy. Eye puffs can be seen under the eyes, shaped like bubbles. Usually, eye bags can occur due to swelling caused by fluid buildup around the eyes, or also called periorbital edema.

Eye Pouch Can Be Eliminated

Eye Pouch Can Be Eliminated

What causes the formation of eye bags ?

From a physiological and anatomical perspective, the blackened eye sac under the eyes is caused by stagnant blood circulation in the under-eye region. Due to lack of oxygen and poor blood circulation, the blood vessels under the eyes become very prominent. As a result, the underside of the prominent eye is darker than normal skin color.

Facts and myths around eye bags

Unfortunately, until now there is still a myth or misperception that developed about the cause of the emergence of eye bags. Here are some examples.

Blackened eye bags are affected by diet

Unfortunately, what you eat is associated with blackened eye bags; because if you lack the vitamins and nutrients that are important to the body, then you are more likely to have a blackened eye bag. In fact, consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can also make your blood vessels appear more prominent, thus highlighting the blackened eye bags under your eyes.

In addition, if you drink less water then you also have a greater risk to have a blackened pockets under your eyes.

Eye puffs can still appear even if you sleep enough

You may often hear the myth; when in fact, the blackened eyes under the eyes are caused by various factors, such as genetics, medical conditions, diet, and lifestyle. Lack of sleep is not the main factor causing the emergence of blackened eyes under the eyes. Even anemia, sinus, and allergies can also cause dark circles around the eyes as well.

Sunlight is one of the triggers

Sun exposure will only make your skin more vulnerable to eye bags because of the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. Moreover, one of the factors that can cause eye bags is exposure to sunlight over a long period of time. This happens because exposure to sunlight causes the production of melanin, which is a pigment that contributes to skin discoloration. Excess melanin can cause the skin becomes darker. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are always advised to wear protective goggles when exposed to sunlight.
Spices and eye cream can only cover, can not eliminate

Unfortunately, spices and eye creams can only cover the blackened eye bags in the short term. These materials can not

completely remove eye bags.

Similarly, the use of cucumbers commonly used women to remove eye bags. Placing a cucumber slice over a closed eye will only soothe the skin under the eye area, thus reducing the activity of the capillary vessels in the under-eye area and making the appearance of the eyelid pocket much reduced (although only temporarily).

Although there have been many products that claim to be able to remove eye bags, unfortunately, there is no proper cure to completely remove the blackened eye bags under the eyes.

Eye bags can be treated without surgery

The good news is that eye bags can be treated with nonoperative actions that can loose loose skin that can improve the appearance of blackened eyes, such as lasers or E-Matrix or venous freeze treatments.

In essence, when you have a blackened eye bag under your eyes, you need to understand the cause. Buying eye cream to treat the eye bags should also be considered well because the eye cream can only disguise the eye bags.


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