Some Factors Cause Dental Caries In Children

Some Factors Cause Dental Caries In Children – Maintaining children’s dental health is one of the things that must be done early on. Teeth are one of the most important parts of the digestive system. Teeth serve to cut and smooth the food before finally entering into the stomach. The process of chewing a good food will facilitate the stomach in processing food so that this will have a good impact on the process of absorption of nutrients into the body.

Some Factors Cause Dental Caries In Children

Dental Caries In Children

Dental caries is one of the problems that often occur in children due to the habit of consuming sweet foods and rarely toothbrush. The most identical occurs in children under five namely bottle caries. This is due to frequent drinking of milk using bottles at the age of a toddler. The wrong habit is what causes the little susceptible to dental caries.

The habit of giving bottle milk before bed and not cleaning your baby’s teeth is very vulnerable to cause dental caries. Sugar content in milk taken by the baby before bed will settle and become acid that slowly damage the teeth. Usually dental caries / cavities often occur in children and result in damage to the front teeth, lower and lower teeth.

Bottle caries can not be considered trivial because it can be a serious health disorder. Dental perforated course will cause pain so that disturb the comfort of the child. The cause of bottle caries is certainly almost the same as the cause of caries in general. What are the causes? Consider the following explanation.
Here are the causes of dental caries factors in children

Dental caries or cavities in toddlers can be caused by many things, especially those related to dietary factors. Well, here are some causes of dental caries in children who need Mother know so that your child is protected from health problems are:

  • Dental Forms Factors
    One of the causes of the emergence of damage to the child’s teeth is the form of teeth. You need to know that the size and shape of the teeth have an important role in the development of dental caries. This is what causes the remnants of food more easily trapped and accumulate in the back of the teeth. Parts of the teeth are susceptible to accumulation of food residue of the molars and rear teeth.
  • Number of Saliva
    Saliva or saliva is one of the defense systems of the mouth. Its function is to clean the remnants of food and bacteria found on the teeth. In addition, saliva will help combat the production of acids as well as the residual food that accumulates in the teeth. If saliva levels are less then likely to be affected by dental caries.
  • Time Factor
    Dental caries is a disturbance in the teeth that takes a long time so that eventually cavities. Well, rampant caries is one of the disturbances in the teeth with a fairly rapid rate of development.
  • Microorganism Factors
    Microorganism is certainly one of the causes of dental caries. These microorganisms are Streptococcus sobrinus and Streptococcus mutas. These microorganisms are pathogenic and produce tooth-damaging acids.
  • Behavior Cleaning Teeth
    The rarely toothbrushing habit is the most fatal cause of dental caries. Therefore, make it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day after breakfast and before bed.
  • Food Factor
    Food is an important role that causes tooth decay. Therefore avoid milk in the bottle before your baby sleeps. This triggers more fatal tooth decay in children at an early age.

Thus some of the causes of dental caries in children you need to know to avoid the risk of increasingly severe damage.


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