Food Containing Carbohydrates

Food Containing Carbohydrates

Food Containing Carbohydrates – For the vast majority of Indonesia’s population, rice is the staple food is always eaten each day. Rice is needed as Food Containing Carbohydrates which helps the body get energy. In addition to rice, there are other foods that also contain carbohydrates which also became the staple food of most of the population of Indonesia. You can try an alternative this carbohydrate as a substitute for rice.
Food Containing Carbohydrates

How Carbohydrate Content of Rice?

The content of carbohydrates contained in rice is a simple carbohydrate that is easily broken down into sugars in the body. Carbohydrates are better is a complex carbohydrate that is longer decomposed, so it will keep you full longer. Carbohydrate needs of adults generally 1000 grams each day.
If you want to try an alternative carbohydrates other than rice, some carbohydrate-containing foods are:


Maize is the staple food for the local Madura and East Nusa Tenggara. Sweet taste makes a lot of people who love it. Contains folic acid and fiber is good for the body. At certain areas, corn is made into a rice corn. With practical ways you can try to eat it with boiled or baked.


Sago is the staple food for the people in Maluku or Papua. Sago plants commonly grown in swamps in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeastern Indonesia and is rarely found in the western region of Indonesia. Shaped like a powder which will then be processed. East Indonesian society is processing sago into a shape like a sticky porridge called papeda usually served with fish sauce, yellow.


Cassava also become one of the staple food in Indonesia. The roots of this plant can be a glut of food. Usually served with made into Tiwul, fried or boiled.


Similar to cassava, yam is also the root of the plant that contain carbohydrates. Potato types commonly found are sweet orange and purple potatoes. Orange sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which will become vitamin A and can prevent cancer. While the purple sweet potato has a beautiful color that can be used as natural dyes. Purple sweet potato to prevent blood clots and antioxidants. There are several ways to cook potatoes is by frying, steaming, or made as a cake.


Potatoes contain carbohydrates with lower calories and so are used to a diet program. Regular fries served with sdaging steak or other foods. The cooking methods can be baked, boiled and then pounded commonly known as mossed potatoes. Potato easily combined with vegetable or side dish companion.


Oat derived from wheat and has the benefit of lowering the body’s cholesterol. Can be easily found in instant form and used as an alternative to food in the morning. Usually served in a way brewed or boiled briefly that resembles porridge. Another way is to add it in cakes or breads.

Spaghetti, fettuccini, fusilli, macaroni cocciolini or is some form of pasta that we usually encounter. Pasta is actually derived from wheat flour that is processed and dried produce diverse forms. Ordinary processed with roasted, boiled and then added to the sauce like bolognaise or carbonara.


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