Four Way Ice Cubes For Face Care

Four Way Ice Cubes For Face Care – Having a smooth, skin-free skin is the dream of every woman. Maybe you are willing to spend a fee that is not small to do beauty treatments to get a smooth skin and glow. In fact, there are several ways that are easier and relatively inexpensive to treat beauty. One of them by using ice cubes for your face. Apparently in addition to refreshing, ice cubes also have many benefits for your skin beauty.

Four Way Ice Cubes For Face Care

Ice Cubes For Face Care

Utilizing ice cubes for faces

1.Make the skin smoother

Cold sensation of ice cubes can help tighten and shrink the enlarged pores so that the skin will feel smoother. How to use it: Before going to bed or every night, gently massage the face and neck for about 3 minutes with a plastic bag or clean towel that contains ice cubes. Do a daily routine to get the most out.

2. Make makeup more durable
Ice cubes are primer makeup that is cheap and very nice to use before using foundation and other makeup. Cool effects on the face can make the pores on the skin shrink and the oil production on the face so reduced so that the makeup you wear will be more durable.

3. Prevent the process of premature aging
Wrinkles on your face can not be avoided as you get older. But you can still delay the appearance of wrinkles by keeping the skin hydrated well. Massaging the face with ice cubes will facilitate the blood circulation to be smooth so that the signs of aging on the skin can be slowed.

4. Brighten skin
Improve dull skin using ice cubes. During summer, your facial skin is prone to dehydration, causing dry and dull skin. Applying ice cubes on the face will cause a cold feeling in the face. This will improve your blood circulation and make your skin brighter naturally.

How to use: Wrap ice cubes with a clean towel or plastic bag. Rub gently ice cubes on your face and neck in a massage-like motion. Avoid the area around your eyes. Once done, let the moisture dry naturally.


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