Fungus Infection Behind Nail Treatment

Fungus Infection Behind Nail Treatment – the former nail care can only be done in a salon or nail beauty outlet, now can be done alone at home. On the other hand, this can lead to new problems that must be observed. Products and tools for treating nails are at risk of causing damaged nails and even infected fungi, if you do not keep the cleanliness thoroughly.

Fungus Infection Behind Nail Treatment

Things That Can Cause Fungal Infections

Not only equipment at home, but equipment used to do nail care in the salon should also be considered clean. Because, if not maintained clean, equipment such as nail clippers or other tools can spread fungal infections on anyone who uses

various factors that allow the occurrence of the fungus, among others:

  • Using nail beauty products that contain excessive chemicals.
  • There are injuries to the nails and / or skin lesions in the surrounding area.
  • Less nail care.
  • The immune system is low.
  • Wear closed clothing such as socks, gloves, closed shirts and damp for a long time.
  • Swimming in the public swimming pool
  • Have diabetes.
  • Elderly or aged over 65 years.
  • It has certain diseases that interfere with blood circulation.

Recognizing the Symptoms

There are actually no specific symptoms when you have a fungal nail infection. Only in some cases, nail fungus suffers pain or pain.

Pain can arise when the nails become thicker, so it hurts when wearing shoes. In addition, thickening of the nails can also cause difficulty standing, walking or doing activities involving the movement of the foot or hand.

Other symptoms such as experiencing tingling, a sense like there is a piercing, or there is a creep in the skin, but nothing seems annoying. This is called paresthesia, occurring due to irritation or nerve disorders.

Another complaint if there is a fungal infection of the nail is the nail and fingertips become brittle and damaged, especially if the fungal infection is severe. Social problems can occur, such as withdrawing from the association because they feel embarrassed, to feel not confident.

How To Overcome Fungal Nail Infection

If the nail has been infected with fungus, it is recommended to be treated immediately. There are several ways in treating nails that have been exposed to fungus.

First, taking antifungal drugs that play a role in helping to grow new nails that are free from fungi, so that old infected nails are slowly replaced.

In addition, can also use nail polish or an antifungal solution that contains lactic acid, propylene glycol and urea. How to apply nail polish on the infected nails, including surrounding skin. There are also special lotions that contain urea to overcome nail fungus, especially when nails thin.

You can also use an anti-fungal nail cream. Soak the nails first, then apply cream on the infected nails. The cream can
overcome the fungus that is on the surface of the nail, until the fungus contained in the lower layer.
Other medical actions that may be needed to overcome nail fungus infection by a doctor such as:

  • Surgical action to remove nails damaged by fungus, so that will grow a new healthy nails. This is done if the infection is severe and feels very painful.
  • Laser therapy with a combination of nail cream. However, this method is still rarely available and still requires further research.


In addition to the above treatment measures, you can eat foods that contain calcium, protein and iron to support the healing process


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