Genetic Diet For The Future

Genetic Diet For The Future

Genetic Diet For The Future , For people who need to lose weight, often sounding pretext of hereditary factors that complicate efforts to diet. Apparently, under the pretext that there is truth. Fortunately, in the future there will be a way of weight loss is based on a person’s genes.
Genetic Diet
In their research, scientists at the University of Texas estimates that within the next 5 years, new analysis tools need to be created to immediately understand the relationship between genetics, behavior, and weight-related illnesses.

Furthermore, they say that the potential involvement of a number of genes with weight gain and reduction, as well as adding back the weight, it would be questionable.

It is true, a gene already known to play a role to make energy from food is stored as body fat, instead of burned into energy. However, variations in genes and how genes interact with other genes can vary from person to person.

Through a press release on the university website, Molly Bray said, “When people hear that a gene suspected to play a role in the success of weight loss, they say, ‘Good for you, I do not have to exercise longer.'”

Geneticist and professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Texas continued, “They actually said, ‘Thank you. Finally someone realized that my efforts are heavier than efforts in others. “Thus, they are a little more forgiving of yourself and be more motivated to change.”

Through the research reported in the journal Obesity, researchers examined a series of test genes, genome research, and study changes in body weight.

They found that, although a number of weight-related genes already known, there is still little understanding of how they actually affect weight.

Bray estimates that, in the future, patients will give a saliva sample to the sort order of their genes. In addition, data collection and the addition of weight reduction, along with sendor better to monitor the environment, diet, activity, and stress, will be very helpful.

And when combined with genomic data using a computer algorithm, the researchers say that the development of analytical tools it will not be much longer.

“I think in the next 5 years, we will begin to see people use a combination of genetic, behavioral, and a number of other advanced data to develop individual weight management plan,” said Bray.

“Obesity is one of the biggest problems of our time. Of course, prevention is the best approach, but there are millions of people who are now overweight and santa require new strategies for weight loss in the long term and ultimately improve overall health. “


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