Get lashes flicks without False eyelashes

False eyelashes

Get lashes flicks without False eyelashes

False eyelashes – Eyelash makeup is one of the objects in the face that it is important to get attention. Enough to make it look slender and long, – sexy, glam and fabulous will be you
False eyelashes
Many ways can be done to support the appearance, makeup can be one of them. Makeup you need also do not need to touch up throughout the face, Fimelova. You can highlight the most favorite objects in your face, like playing the outward appearance of makeup on the eyelashes. To get the lashes long and tapering, not all women skillful use of fake eyelashes or false eyelashes. Relying on mascara as beauty hero is the right solution that can be relied upon to offer practical who likes to dress up. Yuk! peep tips below.

1: Choose your favorite color

We recommend you to choose black eyeliner. In addition to creating makeup looks more natural look, color is also suitable for all skin types Indonesian women.

2: Eyelash Curler + hair dryer

Relying eyelash curler to make eyelashes look longer flicks and indeed enough we can rely on, Fimelova. So the results are more durable, he is a practical way of other compulsory you really try. Yep! hair dryer! How, heated eyelash curler using a hair dryer, hair dryer to prioritizing heat in the tire / rubber cushion eyelash curler. The time needed to heat only 20-30 seconds, Fimelova. If it is too hot, not too good for the health of eyelashes because it will make it easy to fall out.

3: Apply mascara like a pro!

This is the final step that determines the outcome of makeup to the eyelashes. Ways applying mascara for maximum results, start from the bottom lashes and then pull straight up. This trick is useful to make the distance on the lashes and look longer. To make the lashes appear thicker, use a thick brush sticks. The trick, drag-shaped zigzag line from the outer lashes, and vice versa.

Day of using the mascara, the last do not forget to clean the residual mascara on the eyelashes attached yes, Fimelova. If you use waterproof mascara, use baby oil or olive oil dripped onto cotton facial cleanser. Then press slowly. Remember! Avoid cleaning the eyelashes by means rubbed, besides making eye irritation, eye lashes will also be easier brittle and fall out. Good luck!


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