Hair Loss Treatment Dandruff

Hair Loss Treatment Dandruff – As you already know that hair is a crown for women and also self-esteem for men. However, if the hair is experiencing hair loss then surely will lower the confidence for people who experience it. So it is important to treat hair loss well and correctly.

Hair Loss Treatment Dandruff

Hair Loss Treatment Dandruff

Hair loss treatment is very diverse starting with how to treat hair loss naturally or do care to beauty salon. how to treat hair loss is the same as taking care of the face because it must be careful and really in care. Actually the problem of hair loss is a normal thing, it is because the hair has a growth cycle, the old hair will fall out and will be replaced with new hair.

In a woman with normal hair loss, there will be less than 90 hairs per day, but if the hair loss is more than the normal limit, it should treat extra hair loss. But do you know what causes hair loss? If not yet let us discuss.

Causes of hair loss is very diverse ranging from wrong hair care, due to curling hair, genetic factors or also due to dandruff scalp. The main hair loss treatment that you should do is to eliminate or avoid the things that cause hair fall out first. Then you will be easier in resolve hair with hair loss treatment.

Likewise with the way hair loss treatment due to dandruff, the main step you should do is to eliminate the growth of dandruff contained in your scalp. There are many ways of hair loss treatment that you can do easily without having to go back and forth doing the treatment to the salon. Like doing hair loss treatment due to dandruff in a natural way or also by using a special treatment to remove dandruff.

Why dandruff can cause hair to fall out and what causes hair loss? To find out what causes the following explanation.

Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff is a very common problem in anyone, whether starting from children, teenagers, men or women or adults can be exposed to dandruff. dandruff will appear initially from the itching of the scalp and the appearance of splinters or white spots on the scalp. For people who rarely wash hair or shampoo or it is the result of excessive use of shampoo will cause irritation and also itchy in the scalp.

Why is dandruff linked to hair loss problems? Due to dandruff that can cause irritation and also itching in the scalp. In general, people who experience dandruff hair problems will scratch the scalp to relieve the itch. Yet by scratching the scalp too often it can damage the hair and cause hair to fall off it because the hair strength to be reduced. This is what causes hair loss due to dandruff.

How To Treat Hair Loss Due To Dandruff


Avocado fruit has been known to contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body but also efficacious to overcome the damaged hair due to dandruff. the content of fatty acids contained in this fruit can be useful as a hair moisturizer. the way is also quite easy, make a paste of avocado fruit, from a ripe fruit avocado. Then split and take the meat and place it in a container such as a basin or bowl. Then crushed and stirred to form a thick paste then smeared on the hair and let stand for 20 minutes. And rinse hair with shampoo to clean and missing sticky.

Apple Vinegar

The content of alpha-hydroxy acids contained in apple vinegar is very useful to clean the former dirt caused by pollution attached to the scalp hair. how to use that is to prepare half a glass of water, then mix with half a glass of apple vinegar. Then use the mixture to rinse your hair after shampoo.


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