Healthy food for babies

Healthy food for babies

Healthy food for babies To support the development and growth, the baby needs a healthy intake, in the form of food and milk they drink. This applies after the baby is older than 6 months, given from birth to 6 months of age, parents should give exclusive breast milk intake. As a parent, you surely want to give the best for the baby. However, due to lack of information, the intake of which is given to the child can damage the health of the child. Did you give the baby food and milk is best for your baby?

Healthy food

Natural Baby Food

When finished with exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is 6 months old, the baby began to be given extra food. Surely the food needed to be the best. Babies need a lot of foods that have high nutritional content for growth.
Healthy food for babies should be natural foods, meaning foods that are free of preservatives, dyes, flavors and spices artificial instant. However, because of busy, practical instant food is often an option. Plus ads that appear attractive which gives the impression of healthy instant food. So that no one gives intake for a child, information about the proper food for infants is necessary to find out more.

Dangers Instant Food

The emergence of instant food occurred in World War II. Instant food becomes a solution to a long line to get food that occurred at that time. At that time, the food served to sustain life regardless of the nutrients the body needs. So, if you give instant food, whether the food is really good enough to meet your child nutrition?
Instant foods generally contain elements that are not natural. The existence of the manufacturing process and storage of food that takes time to make the food be fresh and eliminating nutrient content. Not to mention if the instant foods containing preservatives, dyes or other substances that are not natural If for adults only food substances are dangerous, especially for a baby.

Healthy Baby Food

Here are foods that must be baby food to stay healthy:


Fruits became an excellent first food for babies who start eating. The reason is because the fruit can be eaten without cooking, so that nutrients and enzymes contained in it can be obtained by intact because it is not through the heating process which can reduce the nutrients in it. Nutrition and natural enzymes easily absorbed by the body, then, is very suitable for babies begin to eat and digest food for the first time.

Baby porridge

So Healthy food that nutrients are met, you can make your own food for your baby. After 6 months of age, your baby will begin to learn to eat. Give natural foods, such as carbohydrates obtained from the pulp screening, animal protein derived from red meat or fish meat, vegetable protein, such as those found in soy beans and green vegetables. The food given to infants, do not need to add salt or sugar, especially flavoring or synthetic dyes.


As a complement, babies need milk which is an obligatory drink. The best milk for babies is breast milk or breast milk, therefore the milk is completely natural. Compared with a formula that seems to be able to meet the needs of the child, breastfeeding is much better.
At first, the special formula milk given to infants whose mother died in the war so that the babies can not get milk from her mother again, but now many are given formula milk for babies, when in use, the formula should be treated as a drug. That is, should a prescription, there are rules of use, and the duration of its use. This is because the use of formula milk can cause side effects, like drug use. Common side effects are diarrhea caused by infant formula that does not fit.
Formula that claims best or whatever expensive formula, nothing compares with the nutrients found in breast milk. There are nutrients in breast milk that is very complete and can customize to suit the needs of the baby. Then, try to give milk to your baby. Breastfeeding exclusively, without other food and beverage, given to infants up to 6 months old. Breastfeeding may continue until the age of 2 years.
Instant food or formula can cause side effects for the baby digestive system is not perfect. Give the baby the best food for your beloved baby by providing natural foods like fruit, porridge, and most importantly, breast milk so that optimal infant growth.


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