Three Things That Make Your Acne Inflamed

Three Things That Make Your Acne Inflamed – Is the acne on your face enlarged, feels scary, the color is red, and the pus is filled in it? Do not let your acne experience inflammation. Why did it happen? What causes acne inflamed?

Three Things That Make Your Acne Inflamed

Make Your Acne Inflamed


Acne is one form of skin disorders. Acne occurs when oils carrying dead skin can not be removed through the pores of your skin. Sometimes small and occasional pimples will be lost on their own and not too disturbing. However, if the acne inflamed and not lost after a week, usually after recovery will leave marks.
What causes inflamed acne?

Although some experts do not yet know for sure, the following factors are believed to cause inflammatory acne:

1. Hormones and sweat

Hormonal changes in the body are the most frequent conditions causing inflamed acne, because hormones cause an increase in oil production and hardening of skin cells, which will lead to blockage in removing dead skin and oil from the pores. Hormonal changes you can experience when you are in the menstrual cycle, are pregnant, initiating or terminating use of hormonal contraceptives (eg birth control pills), and stress.

Stress is not a direct cause of inflamed acne, but during stress, the brain releases hormones that can trigger sweat glands to produce more oil and are prone to cause acne inflammation.

2. Use of improper cosmetics when acne breaks

The content of certain facial treatments, such as lanolin and oil, can close the pores of your skin and prevent the release of skin-produced oil, along with the dead skin it carries. This buildup of oil and dead skin can cause acne inflamed.

In addition, using cosmetics in a rough way, can cause the skin to hurt. The injured skin will provide a container for live bacteria. The presence of bacteria on the skin, will cause the skin become more sensitive and trigger inflamed acne.

3. Genetic factors

Reporting from News Medical, several studies reveal that some school children have acne prone skin that is passed from their parents. A history of a family with acne is inflamed, increasing the chances of their offspring experiencing the same condition.

How to deal with inflamed acne ?

Touching the inflamed acne on your skin with your finger, it will only make his condition worse. You should check the skin condition to a skin specialist, so you get the right handling.

You can also treat this inflamed acne in several ways, such as:


Steam coming from a bowl filled with hot water can help you cleanse your skin and dry out inflamed pimples. Steam that affects your skin will open up the skin pores and help in cleansing the dirty skin. This step you can do for 10 minutes per day for three days a week.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil or tea tree oil is believed to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Smearing your inflamed pimples after cleansing the skin with a mixture of tea tree oil and water can be an alternative to your inflamed acne solution.


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