How Maintain Health Toddlers Avoid From Eye Disease

How Maintain Health Toddlers Avoid From Eye Disease – Eye disease is one of the most contagious diseases (conjunctivitis). This disease can occur in adults and toddlers. Eye disease will not harm toddlers because it is not a serious disease. However, eye disease can make toddlers become uncomfortable and disrupt their activities. Toddlers infected with sore eyes will show symptoms such as eyes that are flushed and watery. In addition, when the baby wakes up will be difficult in opening the eyes. Infants who are sore eyes will cry continuously because of sore and itching in the eyes. The cause of eye pain in infants is the infection of viruses and bacteria that are easily contagious.

How Maintain Health Toddlers Avoid From Eye Disease

How Maintain Health Toddlers

Tips To Prevent Infectious Disease Transmission In Toddlers

Avoid people suffering from eye pain

One way that can be done to prevent transmission of eye disease in toddlers is to avoid direct contact with people suffering from eye disease. If your family members suffer from eye pain should not approach the baby because the baby will be very easy to catch.

Maintain cleanliness

To prevent transmission of eye diseases in infants, you should keep your toddler clean when in public. Avoid using public facilities that can trigger such a disease invites toddlers to swim in tourist attractions. This is because public places are very vulnerable to the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Keep the toddler away from the belongings of the sufferer

Viruses and bacteria that cause eye pain are very easily spread through various means including through the belongings of people with the disease. Therefore, avoid using the belongings of patients especially for babies such as towels and handkerchiefs. The virus is easily attached to these items and will be contagious if it is direct contact with a toddler.

Keep the baby away from the eye fluid of the patient

Viruses that cause eye disease will be very easy to spread through the tears coming out of the patient. Therefore, should you when you are sore eyes do not touch the baby and approach the baby because it is feared that the former hand touching the tears will transmit the virus in toddlers.

Keep the baby away from the dust

In addition through direct contact with the patient, the virus causes eye pain can be transmitted through wind-borne dust. To prevent this you should protect the eyes of the toddler when taking the road out of the house and do not bring toddlers walk in the area of ​​the highway because it is very prone to dust from pollution vehicles.

Healthy living habits is one factor that will prevent your toddler from viral infections that cause eye pain and other health problems. The habit of keeping the hands clean before touching the baby, will minimize the occurrence of infectious diseases in infants caused by viruses and bacteria.


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