How Take Care And Maintain Skin Health

How Take Care And Maintain Skin Health – Skin is the most important part of the body to support one’s appearance. Once the importance of this one body part to make a lot of people who do everything to maintain his health. In fact they are willing to spend up to tens of millions of dollars in order to obtain a healthy skin appearance. In fact, if they want a little learning, they do not need to pour a lot of funds to perform plastic surgery or other treatment.

How Take Care And Maintain Skin Health

How Take Care and Maintain Skin Health
How to Take Care and Maintain Skin Health

How to do? Here I will give tips to treat skin health to stay bright and healthy.

Drink a lot of water

White water is a natural resource that can provide millions of benefits to living things. One of the most prominent benefits is to maintain healthy skin. By drinking water, you will avoid skin stress. In addition to avoiding skin stress, water can also prevent you from skin wrinkles. The minimum amount of water you should consume for each day is 8 glasses. How to drink it is not the origin of drinking. You should drink it little by little to be more durable in the body.

Enough sleep

The second way to maintain healthy skin is to set the sleep time properly. According to research, a person who sleeps less skin will become dull, wrinkles quickly and skin color becomes uneven. Therefore, for those of you who want a healthy and supple skin, you should set the time to sleep. Standart bedtime within 24 hours is 7 hours. Within 7 hours, the skin will regenerate so that the next day you will look more fresh.

In addition to keeping time off, you can also maintain skin health by avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make your skin becomes dull and dry. Therefore, you should wear a jacket or sweater when going out of the house.

Avoid Foods Containing Sugar

The next step to maintain skin health is to avoid foods that contain lots of sugar. According to research, foods that contain sugar is too high will cause collagen and elastin damage. If it were so, your skin will become wrinkled and become sagging. That’s why limit the consumption of sugar to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Replace foods containing lots of sugar with fruits and vegetables. This thing you need to do because of fruits and vegetables is a source of food containing vitamins and minerals are very good for skin health.

Perform Routine Care

Air pollution makes your skin dry and dull. That’s why you need to clean your skin to keep it clean and fresh. Wash your face at least 3 times a day. This is important because air pollution is one cause of the appearance of acne. For that diligent-diligent wash your face and bathe 2 times in one day.

Using Natural Masks

To avoid facial skin from acne, use a young corn mask. To avoid a dull face, use a cucumber mask and to avoid acne scars, you can use a lemon mask.


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