HOW TO BE GLAMOUR – Want to try a style glamour without spending much money? We have the way out!
Many women are vying to appear hip and luxurious. Some even spend more than we thought, to look glamorous. This trend was much favored by celebrities and officials, both at home and abroad because it gives the impression of luxury and class for the wearer.

Well, what if we want to try a style glamor without spending millions? Do not worry, Ladies, Lifestyle has tips!
Hair: Until now, the icons are still phenomenal glam style is The Memorable Miss Monroe. That’s why often people identify with the style glamor with blonde hair. The problem is, what if the color of our skin does not fit with the tone blonde hair? Do not panic! The key is … do not push yourself! We can find other cool colors are more in line with the brown skin typical of Indonesia, such as medium brown or mahogany. Then you can also try perming or mencepol hair to look more stunning!

Face: Zoe Saldana ever said, “Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.” So, rather than insist on wearing earrings or necklace bling-bling, the better we focus on taking care of our skin, especially facial skin. We face is the first thing seen by other people, that’s why we should pay more attention to it. It’s a big no to daub too much foundation, powder, and makeup to face us. Instead look glamorous, we actually looks like wearing a mask.

The trick is simple! Drink plenty of water, less staying up late, always use a moisturizer, do not eat too much fried foods, and most importantly, wash your face before bed. This is how you get the real porcelain skin without having bermake-up bold.

Bags: glamor image already attached to the class brand Hermes, Chloe, Kenzo, and Lous Vuitton. But, there is a trick ya for you are not willing to splurging money of tens of millions to buy these luxury bags. Yup, make their own bags! Many of why now stores that offer services to make bags with your own design. You simply open instagram, looking for the appropriate store, and tunjukkin bag design that you want. And, voila, cool bags rancanganmu can perform stand out compete other branded bags!

Dress: If you want dapetin ‘spotlight’ in an event, you can mimic the style of Dita von Teese by wearing clothing that accentuates the curvy body shape. Or if you want a simple style but still look ‘wow’, you can also combine pastel blazer with matching mini dress. Add accessories to further accentuate your look!

Fragrance: “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.” Such an inspiring quote from Madam Coco Chanel! The most important thing was not how expensive your perfume yes, Ladies, but how it can emit a perfume of our personality.

Shoes: Almost the same as a bag, if you can not buy Louboutin, Isabel Marant, or Yves Saint Laurent, you can try to design your own dream shoes! Perhaps your shoes even become the signature style of your own, you know! The most important thing is be extraordinary and still inspire others with what you are wearing!

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