How to Caring for Nails Naturally

How to Caring for Nails Naturally – Nails are part of the body that grows on the fingertips. The epidermis found in the base of the nail has a function to protect from dirt. While the nail has a function to protect the fingertips and enhance the touch power. Nails are part of bone instead of protein. There are many capillaries found beneath the nails, these capillaries have a strong blood supply that gives a rather reddish color to the nails. Just like bones and teeth, nails are also the hardest part of the body, this is because the nail contains little water.

How to Caring for Nails Naturally

On the fingers, nails can grow for one week along the 0.5 to 1.5 mm. The growth of the fingernails on the fingers is four times faster than the nail growth on the toes. Nail growth is also influenced by the heat of a person’s body.

To treat your nails to look beautiful, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Because nail care can be done in a natural and easy way. In addition, materials used to treat nails are also widely available around you. Healthy nails, generally stronger and not easy to peel. Here are natural ingredients that can be used to treat nails.

Natural ingredients for nail care

In addition to serve as a food ingredient, star fruit also proved to have the benefits to clean up the dirt on the sidelines of the nail. In addition, starfruit can also strengthen the nails. How to use starfruit, that is by rubbing starfruit that has been cut on nails to be cleaned, then rinse your nails by using clean water.

Drinking Water
The next natural way to beautify and strengthen the nails from within one of them by drinking lots of water. By consuming water regularly will make the nails are not dry.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera does have many benefits for health and beauty, one of the one of them is to care for the nails. How to use aloe vera to treat the nail is by applying gel aloe vera evenly on the nail. To get optimal results, do it this way on a regular basis.

Sap Papaya
In order not easy to crack nails and peeling, you can use the sap papaya.

The content contained in garlic is very useful to strengthen the nails. How to strengthen the nails with garlic, ie dab the garlic that has been shredded to smooth on the nails. Then leave for a few minutes, then wipe the nails with water. In addition to smoothed, garlic can also be directly rubbed on the nail. In order for the nails to be strong and not easily fragile, then do the method to strengthen these nails regularly.


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