How To Easily Decrease Facial Pores

How To Easily Decrease Facial Pores – Facial skin problems is one of the problems that we often face Ladies. Starting from acne to the enlargement of pores on the face, is not it Ladies? If you include women who have an enlarged pore problem in your face, here are some easy ways to shrink your facial pores.

Easily Decrease Facial Pores

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

If you often work outdoors, especially during the day, maybe that’s why the pores on your face grow. Make sure you use a powder or a protective cream before going out, or you can use an umbrella or a hat for extra protection.

2. Reduce Oil on the face

Oil on the face can also make the pores of your face become more open. Especially if the oil and dirt has accumulated. You can use oil paper, tissue, or regular cleaning your face to reduce the oil on your face. You can also avoid the emergence of oil by reducing the consumption of fatty foods and increase drinking water.

3. Routine Cleaning Face

When activities outside the home, we must always be exposed to dirt that can make the pores of the face enlarged. Dirt that accumulates for a long time will make the pore of the face that was small to be open. When you clean your face, you can use a combination of warm water and cold water, you know ladies. Warm water can open the pores of the face and dirt will be lifted better with warm water. After that, you can wash your face with soap. And then, you can rinse it by using cold water or even ice cubes to close your pores.

4. Use Natural Masks

You can use a natural mask to prevent and treat the pores of your face. Use natural ingredients such as tomatoes, egg whites, papaya, cucumbers, and others. In addition to more secure for facial skin, this mask can also be made easily at home.

There it is, ladies. How to care for your facial skin to overcome the problem of enlarged pores. Caring for the face is one investment, you know! So, good luck


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