How To Eliminate Fat In The Neck

How to Eliminate Fat in the Neck – For most women, fatty creases in the neck are disturbing appearance. No wonder, various ways to remove the fat in the neck is willing to make the folds of fat in the neck no longer visible.
Instead of doing things that are not necessarily effective, you’ll want to find ways to remove fat in the neck that proved to give satisfactory results.

How To Eliminate Fat In The Neck

Do not Believe the Unproven Way

Lots of information circulating about how to remove fat in the neck. Stretching the neck, pursing lips, stretching the tongue, to chew gum allegedly able to overcome the fat folds in the neck that was disturbing. However, you know, these ways actually have not been proven effective in overcoming fat folds in the neck.

In people who are overweight, neck folds are likely due to the effects of weight gain. For this condition, the best way to remove fatty creases in the neck in this case is to lose weight and be more active in the move.

To lose weight, it is recommended that a healthy diet. Among others, by reducing sugar consumption, restrict carbohydrates, eat foods containing protein and low fat, as well as increase the consumption of fibrous foods.

In order to lose weight more effectively, it is advisable to routine light exercise such as walking fast, jogging, dancing or swimming for at least 30 minutes every day. By doing this, the fat folds in the neck can be resolved.
Medical Actions that Can Be Done

Weight loss by running a healthy diet and regular exercise can be a way of removing fat in the neck. However, there are also some people who have fat folds in the neck due to genetic factors. Under these conditions, weight loss alone may not have a major effect on fatty fold problems in the neck, and should be considered to address them through medical measures.

Medical action can be done as a way to remove fat in the neck, among others :

External ultrasonic wave therapy
This external ultrasonic therapy includes non-surgical action that is considered to be an alternative way of removing fat in the neck. The doctor will inject certain liquids around the folds of fat in the neck. Then the ultrasonic wave is externally exposed to the area of ​​the fat folds in order to destroy the excess fat cells. However, the effectiveness of this therapy is different for everyone because it depends on the amount of fat present in the neck.

Injection of deoxicolic acid
Injecting deoxicolic acid into one way to remove fat in the neck. The content of deoxicolic acid injected around the neck is able to shed fat in the neck, as long as it is done in the right way. To remove the fatty creases in the neck, at least need 20 points injection in each treatment. On average it takes up to 6 treatments at a distance of 1 month for each treatment. Side effects of this injection include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, until the skin becomes flushed.

The doctor will make a small incision under the skin around the neck or chin area, but beforehand will provide local anesthesia to avoid pain. Then the doctor will insert a fat-absorber. Liposuction includes surgical procedures that need to be consulted by a physician and should be performed by an expert physician. It is important to consult your drug allergies, and avoid taking alcohol and certain drugs before liposuction. This action may be prohibited for people with heart disease, diabetes, or who have impaired immune systems.

Facelift aims to improve the look of the face and remove fat in the neck. This action can only be done on people who have good body health, not suffering from diseases such as diabetes or other chronic diseases.

If a healthy diet and exercise diet can not overcome the fatty creases in the neck, consider how to remove the fat in the neck with the above actions. Consult with your doctor about it, especially if you have special health conditions.


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