Establish Stomach Sixpack

Establish Stomach Sixpack
After a successful diet and shrink your belly is now time for you to form a sixpack stomach to make it look more sexy and athletic. Actually it is not only men who want to have an athletic body and a sixpack stomach, even now many women who also do a workout in order to have a beautiful belly.
However if you still have a pile of fat on your body, would be much better if you do the first weight loss program.
To get an athletic body and a sixpack stomach, you do not need to go to the GYM, you can easily do some of these exercises at home without having to go to the gym.

Here are some exercises How to Form Six Pack Stomach

How to Establish Stomach Sixpack

Hip Raise

Establish Stomach Sixpack
Pic From Chatelaine

Increase Hip Raise This exercise will continue to work to tighten every muscle in your muscles, hamstrings and abdomen. Perform 3 sets of 8 in this way every latihan..usahakan do this exercise before eating.

How to establish Sixpack Stomach With Hip Raise:

  • Lie on your back with relax
  • Both hands wide open on the side of the body
  • Knees bent upward according to the image
  • Lift the hips up
  • Hold for a while / about 10 seconds
  • and Return to starting position
  • Repeat continuously

bicycle Crunch

Establish Stomach Sixpack
Pic from Women’s Health Magazine

Bicycle Crunch The benefits of this movement: This movement will build up the muscles in your backside, and can help make your stomach flatter.

How to establish Stomach Sixpack By Bicycle Crunch:

  • With a lying position on the floor with a straight body and attached to the floor
  • Both hands are placed on the side of your head
  • Lift both legs slightly upwards, do not touch the floor
  • Bend your left and right legs alternately like you’re pedaling a bike
  • Raise the head and upper body and point your right elbow to your left knee alternately

Mountain Climber

Establish Stomach Sixpack
Pic from newhealthguide

Mountain climber is an exercise by using a full body workout involving most of the muscles contained within the body and can quickly burn more calories in a short time.
How to Establish Stomach Sixpack Uses Mountain Climber / climb this mountain will make your legs moving, heart pumping and make your body sweat! How fast this will help in the process of downsizing your belly.
How to establish Sixpack Stomach With Mountain climber:

  • Position the body such as the movement when it wants to push up
  • Both hands resting on the floor and right foot flexed forward
  • Swap the position of the left leg and right quickly so that your right leg straight back and left leg bent toward the body
  • Repeat continuously

Hip Extension

Establish Stomach Sixpack
Image from Juragan Mumut

Hip Extension ~ Muscle Goal: gluteus maximus ~ Lying on your back with arms extended at your sides and palms pressed to the floor. Both calves resting on top of a stability ball
[A]. Action: Lift your hips off the floor so that your body forms a straight line
[B]. Hold for one count before lowering it to the ground, but do not let your hips touch the floor. Repeat continue this way.
How to establish Sixpack Stomach With Hip Extension:

  • Lie on your back with relax
  • Both feet resting on a stability ball
  • Both hands were relaxed at your sides
  • Press your palms to the floor of
  • Lift both legs alternately to the top
  • Repeat 10 x motion for each leg

The most important points are required to do is consistently continues to exercise and keep your diet as well as providing adequate protein intake to speed up your abdominal muscles. Because to get a beautiful belly shape it does require practice and hard work processes are sufficient.
So first article How to Form Sixpack Stomach Happy practicing!



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