How To Keep Lips Not Dry

How To Keep Lips Not Dry – Lip skin is one of the most distinct and most sensitive skins among other parts of the skin. So how to treat it is not the same. Lips health is very attention, because the lips are in the face that is always noticed by others. You will usually feel disturbed and less confident when there is a problem with your lips, especially the problem of dry lips. So, it is not surprising that people are looking for ways to keep lips dry and make them more comfortable on the move.

Lips Not Dry

Here’s the discussion for those of you who are feeling annoyed with dry lips.

1. Stay away from Acid Drinks
Sour drinks are very likely to make your lips dry and irritated. Drinks like this can also cause dry lips, until cracked. So avoid acid drinks one way to keep the lips dry.

2. Avoid Foods Too Salted
Food that is too salty works to absorb the fluid in the body. So eating salty foods is very possible to make your lips become dry to cracked.

3. Avoid Foods Too Spicy
In addition to foods that are too salty, foods that are too spicy can also make your lips become dry and cracked.

4. Avoid Lipstick with Synthetic Dyes
There are several lipstick products whose color comes from synthetic dyes. This can cause your lips to dry and irritate. This is one way to avoid dry lips that also need attention.

5. Do not Lick Your Lips
Licking your lips is one of those habits you can not avoid when you feel your lips are dry. However, licking your lips will only make them dry because the enzymes present in your saliva can damage your lips protector. So, it seems time to leave your habits.

6. Consuming Fruits and Vegetables
This food is very good for the health of your lips. Fruits and vegetables are very good to meet your fluid needs so you will avoid dehydration.

7. Avoid Smoking
In addition to making your lips black, smoking can also make your lips dry to cracked. The chemicals contained in cigarettes are not very good for the health of your lips.

8. Do not Sleep with Open Mouth
Although it is difficult to control it, but sleeping with your mouth open can also cause your lips to dry. This is because when your mouth is open, there is air circulation in your mouth, and the circulation causes your lips to dry.

Those are some ways to keep the lips dry, which you can do yourself to do prevention. All parts of your body need to pay attention to health even small things like lips. Because when one part of your body is sick, it will affect other parts of the body as well, also read how to deal with dry and black lips and tips on choosing lipstick suitable for dry lips. May be useful


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