Six How to Lighten Lips Naturally And Permanently

Six How to Lighten Lips Naturally and Permanently – Natural red lips are one of the lips desired by many women. Many people think that having red lips breaks makes women more beautiful and sexy. To make your lips turn red can be done in many ways. One of them is by reddening the lips naturally. Lipstick like lipstick just temporarily can make the lips become red brown and that too less natural. Natural ways to make the lips red by simply using fruit or other natural ingredients.

Lighten Lips Naturally

Before discussing any natural ingredients that can lend your lips permanently you also need to know the cause of the lips to be less red. The main cause of the lips to be blackened is less care for the lips with the maximum. Lips that are red if not treated properly can also become blackened.

How to Enlarge Lips Naturally and Quickly

For example, never clean the lips after wearing makeup, then often hold the lips can also cause the lips to be reduced redness. Active smokers are also one cause of the lips to black. Natural lip care to avoid darkening is actually very easy, just clean the lips before wearing makeup and at night before resting the night. How to redden your lips naturally and quickly should use the right ingredients and be safe. The use of natural ingredients is more advisable as it is safer and cheaper.

Here are some natural ingredients that can help redden the lips naturally and permanently :

1. Honey
Honey is a natural ingredient that has many benefits, one of which can make the black lips red back permanently. Lip moisturizer using honey is highly recommended because it can be a natural moisturizer of the lips and helps restore the color of red lips. Use honey to moisturize the lips every day in the morning and evening.

This red fruits can restore the natural blush of red on the lips. In strawberries contain vitamin C which is good for oral health. Apply evenly strawberry fruit that has been sliced ​​ends on the lips every night before bed. In the morning the lips will be flushed red.

3. Water rose
Roses are usually used for decoration alone turned out to have very many benefits, one of which is to make the red back blush. Used as a natural lipstick ingredient is rose water. Soak roses in water then make the water for natural moisturizer and natural lip rouge.

4.  Butter
How to enlarge the lips naturally and permanently can also use butter. Margarine or butter contains many natural oils that can moisturize the lips and help restore the color of the lips to a natural red. Apply butter to the lips evenly every morning and evening for maximum results.

5.  Almond oil and olive oil
Both of these oils contain very high vitamin E. Use one of these oils for a lip moisturizer when the lips are dry. Do it regularly to get your lips back to red.

6.  Yogurt
Yogurt is not only good for body health but also good for beauty. Consume yogurt for health and apply a little yogurt on the lips to red.

Red lips should be treated so as not to blacken again. Stopping cigarettes is one of the right ways to keep the lips from blackening back. In addition, by cleansing the lips daily routine can also help redden the lips naturally and permanently.


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