How to Overcome Oily and Dull Skin

How to Overcome Oily and Dull Skin – If you want to know How To Overcome Oily And Dull Skin, then check out the reviews on this article. Having dull facial skin and greasy for most people can reduce the confidence and often cause a sense of inner association or when wanting to interact in front of the crowd. If that happens to you then before you do how to cope with dull and oily skin you should know what caused it to happen.

How to Overcome Oily

Very many factors that cause dull and oily skin, among which is caused by genetic factors, which are caused by heredity, which your parents may also have dull and oily skin then it can make your skin also dull and oily. It can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. of course a bad lifestyle will affect your health, such as rarely exercising, unfulfilled sleep and irregular bath. Next you can listen 5 Ways To Overcome Oily Skin And Dull following.

Drink a lot of water
White water is very influential on human health, one of them is on skin health, by drinking lots of water then it can avoid our body from dehydration and keep the body clean. People who have a habit of consuming lots of water will usually have healthy facial skin and look fresh.

Clean the body and shower regularly
Try to bathe regularly like bathing 2 times a day when morning and evening. If you are a Muslim, then you will automatically clean yourself 5 times a day in ablution before performing the prayer.

Reduce staying up
Lack of sleep or too often stay up is one of the causes of your skin becomes dull and oily, therefore avoid sleeping irregularly, normal healthy sleep time is 7 to 8 hours.

Use skin moisturizing cream
Using skin moisturizing lotion can help you to overcome dull and oily skin, but always be careful in choosing a lotion product for your facial skin, it is advisable before choosing your lotion consult first to the doctor to know your skin type, because everyone will have the type different skin.

Take your time to exercise, at least try to exercise once a week at least. Exercising can make all organs become healthy, including on your facial skin. Sports that do not have to be heavy, you just need to do the movements of warming up to sweat, this can be done in the bedroom though. If you have time then try to jog once in a week.

Using ice cubes
To reduce dull and oily skin, you can try using ice cubes. Ice cubes can soften facial skin. just by rubbing ice cubes on your face. But remember, make sure the ice cubes you use are made of clean water, to avoid bacteria that even cause new problems on your face.

That’s How to Overcome Oily And Dull Skin that you can apply, if you want to get maximum results, then apply it regularly


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