How to Smooth the Coarse Hand

How to Smooth the Coarse Hand – easily using natural ingredients. Rough hand is a common thing if it only happens to the hands of a man, but will turn the situation if it happens to women. Women are synonymous with smooth, beautiful and of course crave the beautiful as well. Hand with rough skin will certainly eliminate the appearance of a woman. So tips to smooth rough hands sometimes also need to be considered. Rough hands are actually caused by extremes of weather or too heavy ailments, using soaps with high levels of detergent and mismanagement.

How to Smooth the Coarse Hand

Smooth rough hands do not need to salon with drain costs are too expensive, you simply use natural ingredients just to smooth it. In this short article we will explain some easy ways to take care of your hand beauty.
How to Smooth the Coarse Hand

  • Soak your hands in warm water
    Warm water can be used to smooth the hand, the way is by soaking the hands in warm water. Better yet, if you use salt in the bath. You can also use a little bit of the detergent to put your hands in warm water. Do soaking this hand every day or every night when you want to sleep.
  • Using Cocoa butter
    Cocoa butter is brown fat, use this to smooth your hands. Spread Cocoa butter on hand and rub it evenly and do it often.
  • Olive oil and sugar
    The combination of olive oil and sugar is great for picking up dirt on the hands. Use a spoon of granulated sugar and a spoon of olive oil, then wipe it on the hands in a circular direction clockwise. In this way the dirt will be easily lifted. And your hands will be smooth and smooth, do not do this too often. Just do it once a week because if often it will make your hand hurt
  • Using Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil is a kind of ancient product that is always beneficial to either ancient or modern in period. From the first people have been using coconut oil as a beauty ingredient, for the business of smoothing the rough skin of coconut oil experts. Apply coconut oil on hand and let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse clean by rubbing with salt.

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