How To Take Care Newborn Baby Nails

How To Take Care Newborn Baby Nails – Newborn nails look soft and soft, but if left too long can hurt themselves and others. This is how the mother is not confused again how to care for the newborn’s nails.

How To Take Care Newborn Baby Nails

Take Care Newborn Baby Nails

Newborn nails though look soft and soft but tend to grow faster. This may make the mother worried about hurting her face when the child scratching. Moreover, babies have not been able to control their own movements.

Baby Nail Cutting

Mother needs to know the importance of keeping the baby’s nails clean and short. Because the baby’s fingernails grow quickly, mothers are advised to cut their nails at least once a week, while for slower-growing toenails, they can be cut twice a month.

Mother can follow the tips of cutting the baby’s nails as follows :

  • The best time to cut your baby’s nails is while sleeping so that not too much movement is done. Another time that you can do is after a shower, because at that time the baby’s nails feel softer.
  • Find a safe position to cut your baby’s nails, as well as a position that can make it easier for her to reach her hand. Mother can put Little on her lap while she cuts her nails.
  • If the mother chooses to trim the baby’s nails when the Little One wakes up, try asking someone else’s help to hold and hold your baby while the mother cuts her nails.
  • Press the baby’s fingertips downward, to avoid getting nail clippers. Hold the baby’s nails, during cutting the nails. Cut only at the top of the nail, not too deep.
  • Use special baby nail scissors that have finger pads. To smooth the rough edges of the nails can use a billboard.
  • Make sure the mother cuts your baby’s nails with enough lighting to avoid injuring the baby’s fingers.

Do it Carefully and Calmly

Baby nail cutting should be done carefully, but when the mother accidentally injure the skin around her nails, preferably mother, stay calm and do not panic.

The only thing to do is to clean the wound by rinsing it under running water, then using a clean tissue or dry case, apply pressure on the wounded fingers gently and gently to stop the bleeding. It is not recommended to use bandages or wound bands, except on the advice of the doctor, because the plaster is easily released in wet conditions, and the Little Can insert his finger into the mouth, so it is feared it can cause it to choke.

Also, do not panic if the edge of the newborn’s toenails is broken or broken. This is because the baby’s nails are still soft. Mother can help to release the tip gently with your fingers. More safely, the mother can use a nail artist to smooth the edges of the uneven nails, and then keep the baby’s nails too long.

Should avoid biting baby nails to keep them short. This can cause the entry of germs from the mouth, especially if there is a wound on the tiny fingers.

Especially for newborns, the mother can wear baby gloves to avoid the little one scratching his face so as not to hurt himself. In addition, the use of gloves can also help the baby not to bite the tip of his nails, because the bacteria from the nails that enter into the mouth of the Little Can cause infection.

Always keep the cleanliness of his body intact, in order to maintain healthy body and grow small flowers.

Mother, easy enough not how to care for your newborn baby nails with the guide above. But if your baby’s finger is injured and the blood that comes out does not stop after being given, you should contact your doctor immediately.


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