How to Thicken Your Natural Armpits

How to Thicken Your Natural Armpits – the right can make underarm hair disappear in a short time at the same time can maintain health from underarm skin. Underarm hair is very disturbing, not only because of uncomfortable feelings such as tingling or punctured on the armpits it causes, but also can cause body odor. Armpit is a part of the body that is often moist so many germs or bacteria that flourish there, especially with the underarm armpits. Often we remove this underarm hair by shaving or pulling it as an instant way. However, if not done carefully shaving or pulling the armpit hair can cause side effects such as irritation and underarm black skin.

Thicken Your Natural Armpits

How to throw down the armpit hair with a natural
In addition to the instant way as above, there are actually several ways of falling natural armpit hair, safe and with long lasting results. Natural ingredients are also easy to get around us, such as the following:

Not only as a food spice, turmeric is believed to have benefits to cure fever and also inhibits hair growth. In addition, turmeric can also whiten and maintain healthy skin. How to take 1-2 tsp turmeric that has been peeled and cleaned. Blend the turmeric then mix with enough water to form a turmeric paste. Apply turmeric paste on the armpits and rub gently toward the opposite direction from the growing armpit hair. Wait for about a quarter of an hour or until it dries out and then cleaned with warm water. The natural way of threshing armpit hair with turmeric is more suited to the underarm hair that is still not too dense growth.

This fruit has fiber and water content that is good for digestion. But besides, papaya also contains papain that can make broken hair follicles and slow hair growth. Therefore this fruit can also be used as a way to remove armpit hair so as not to grow again that is powerful. Materials needed are:

  • 1 young papaya fruit
  • ¼ tsp turmeric powder
  • 2 tablespoons mustard oil
  • 4 tablespoons aloe gel
  • ¼ teaspoon flour
  • 2 drops of lavender or essential oil

Lime betel
We used to see it for the materials of ancient parents as well as the ingredients of certain dishes. But how to throw a natural underarm hair can also use this whiting. To make this natural ingredients by mixing 1 tablespoon whiting and 2 tbsp of water then stir well. Previously clean the first armpits with soap to clean and dry using a towel. Apply the mixed water evenly on the surface of the underarm skin and let stand for about half an hour. Then wipe the armpits with soap and wipe with a warm towel until clean and then dry.

For maximum results do this treatment as much as 3 times a week, but if the armpit hair has started to disappear enough to do treatment about two or once a week.

Combine all the ingredients above and stir until it feels dull or thickened. Apply the mixture to the armpit in the direction of the underarm hair growth from the bottom up, then let stand for about 15 minutes. Then wipe the armpits with a clean cloth while rubbing them slowly opposite the direction of underarm growth. After clean, rinse underarm with cold water and let it dry. For additional treatment is by massage underarms using baby oil or olive oil. Do this treatment 3 times a week.

In addition to the above ingredients, threshing armpit hair can be done with a cream. The use of this cream is quite powerful but the price of this cream itself is quite expensive, not to mention if there are side effects of chemicals in it. Therefore, the natural materials as mentioned above are considered more secure and powerful as a way of threshing the permanent armpit hair


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