Ice cube benefits for skin beauty

Ice cube benefits for skin beauty

Ice cube delicious drink with lemon tea or lemon tea especially when added hmm .. definitely fresh. Well, it turns out the ice cubes do you know is not only beneficial to refresh the body when taken by mouth, but also able to make our skin to be beautiful.
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Ice cube benefits for skin beauty

Every woman would crave to have skin that is smooth and free of acne. Many things that they do, whether it went to a dermatologist or treatment that will not be cheap. Actually there are other ways to get skin that is smooth and free of acne is by using ice cubes.

Is Buddy curious? Ok just listened to a few benefits for skin beauty Ice cubes quoted Boldsky:

1. Overcome Acne

If the face-prone, Buddy can overcome this by using an ice cube. Because Ice Cubes can soothe the area around the pimple. Ice cubes that taste cold can reduce the oil on the face so that it can reduce acne.

2. Reduce Fat Face

Ice cubes helpful to reduce fat in the face. The way is mudahSobat only need to wash your face with ice cubes during the week. This can help keep the fat cells are under control.

3. Shrink pores

Ice cubes are also able to shrink the pores on the face. The trick is quite simple wrap ice cubes dengankapas or fabric then pijatkan gently on the face and neck. Do this for 30 days.

4. Overcoming sunburned skin

If skin sunburn easily buddy, Buddy can handle it with ice cubes. This makes the icy rock sunburned skin feels more comfortable.

5. Eliminate Facial Hair

Facial Hair little disturbing for the very note of the looks. Well, to be rid of my friend can use ice cubes is by way of a facial massage with ice cubes, then use a facial scrub. To get rid of facial hair does take a long time, because it was my friend have to be patient. The ice cubes will help to eliminate the root of the hair on the face gradually.


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