Ideal Weight Pregnant Mothe

Ideal Weight Pregnant Mother – Weight is indeed one of the supervision that must be done on pregnant women. With strict supervision then the nutritional intake for pregnant women is expected to suit the needs.

Ideal Weight Pregnant Mother

Ideal Weight Pregnant Mothe

In the first stage or commonly known as the first trimester there has been no significant weight gain. Sometimes even reduced due to vomiting. Furthermore, in the second trimester, then there is a significant increase, and at this time required strict supervision to control the required nutritional intake.

Maternal Wean Size Weight

In general, During pregnancy, there is a total weight gain of 12-15 kg. While entering trimester 2 the fetus grows rapidly with growth of approximately 10 grams per day (week 16 about 90 gr, week 20 about 256 gr, week 24 about 680 gr, 27 weeks around 900 gr).

The ideal weight of a woman when the pregnancy comes in the range of 45-65 kg. as a good mother candidate, she should always exercise weight control. Excessive body weight or less is very risky to issue problems, especially during labor or after. Many advise pregnant women to eat with excess because it is considered he consumed food for him and his baby. But apparently it even makes the mother experience excess weight problem. Of course it happens, because the actual nutritional needs of pregnant women only rose 10-15 percent.

The pregnant woman who has excess body weight can also experience many problems such as hypertension and diabetes risk. In addition, when labor is ongoing there are still many problems lurking. Postpartum infections due to blocked blood vessels and fat folds are possible.

The condition of underweight also makes prospective mothers problem especially on nutrition. Pregnant women who are underweight are expected to quickly consume good carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals so that the nutrients they consume are sufficient for the health of themselves and the baby. Enzyme is also needed enough to facilitate the process of nutrient absorption of food.

To maintain ideal body weight during pregnancy is not easy, therefore there needs to be a husband or other family who are willing to help control.


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