Importance Choosing Good Softlens

Importance Choosing Good Softlens – We know that good softlens can improve vision function. If used and treated properly, softlens can also protect the valuable eye from long-term vision damage. This is why choosing a good softlens with easy maintenance is very important

Importance Choosing Good Softlens

Choosing Good Softlens

Compared to glasses, softlens proved more widely used because it is considered able to offset and support the activities of its users. Most users of softlens are in the 25 to 44 year age range, and they are nearsighted sufferers who use softlens every day. This habit can certainly lead to disruption of eye health if you do not have a good softlens and do not treat it well.

How to Choose a Good Softlens

Today, more and more brands are launching disposable softlens with a short duration of use, such as a single day, so you can still feel safe because it uses a cleaned-up softlens.

Purchasing any medical supplies, including in choosing a good softlens, should be done with care and care. Here are some tips that help choose softlens according to the needs of your condition:

  • Softlens soft or hard
    There are two types of contact lenses available on the market, which are soft and hard. Most contact lens users choose to use soft type.
  • Duration of softlens usage
    There are softlens that can be used for two weeks to three months. Softlens of this type require special care such as removable and cleaned at night and replaced on a specified usage schedule. Users must comply and routinely clean the softlens as directed because if not properly maintained, this type of softlens can absorb foreign objects and substances such as dirt and dust in the eye. In addition, there are also disposable softlens or one day. Softlens of this type is enough to give practicality, comfort, and better ensure eye health if care and use is done properly. You simply provide a new pair of softlens each time you wear.
  • Appropriate eye conditions
    Choosing a good contact lens or softlens also needs to be adjusted to eye conditions. Some types of contact lenses, such as those made from silicone hydrogel can be an option for the use of good contact lenses. Softlens of this type can help oxygen pass through the cornea and are more comfortable to wear. Some types of softlens can also provide protection against sunlight. But you should consult the selection of softlens at your ophthalmologist or optometrist according to the condition of your eyes before you buy them.

For people with visual impairment, contact lenses are an effective tool, because these thin lenses can be fitted to fit on the surface of your cornea if used properly.

Use of Correct Softlens

Softlens are made of a special plastic mixture with water. It is this basic ingredient that will let oxygen pass through the lens to the cornea of your eye to keep the eyes comfortable, not dry, and keep it healthy. If it does not get enough oxygen, the cornea of the eye may swell, disturb vision, and even have other more serious disorders, such as keratitis.

Softlens should be used, cleaned and stored in accordance with optometrist instructions or optometrists or the instructions contained in the package. Thus, you will reduce the risk of gluing to the softlens that can cause eye infections and your eyes become more secure health. The use of softlens there is a limit. Softlens are not recommended to be used during sleep, unless recommended by an ophthalmologist or optometrist, and should be replaced periodically. Treatment of softlens is also important to maintain the safety and comfort for your eyes.

Remember, a new pair of softlens means less risk of eye infection, the treatment is easier because you do not have to clean it often, and certainly more comfortable in the eye.

Before purchasing and using softlens, including those used to enhance your eye appearance or cosmetic reasons, it is best to consult a doctor or optometrist first. Softens are good and safe for the eyes still require recipes and recommendations from doctors or optometrists. Carelessly using softlens and not cleaning them properly can cause dangerous eye infections, especially if you have had previous eye disorders.


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