Lazy Brush your teeth

Scary Things It Will Happen If You Lazy Brush your teeth

You Lazy Brush your teeth ??
Do not ignore the habit of brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day common. Did Ladies, if you are lazy to brush his teeth by reason of busy, it can be dangerous for your health. As reported if you only brush their teeth once a day then something bad will happen to you, it is, among others:

Lazy Brush your teeth
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1. If you are lazy to brush his teeth, then it is likely you will have problems gums. The first sign of trouble is your gums bleeding gums. Leaving in a dirty teeth before you go to sleep, it will only make the bacteria in your mouth partying. So before you decide to not brush your teeth before bed, think again. You certainly do not want to pay more just because you are lazy to brush your teeth.

2. Lazy to brush their teeth will make the buildup of plaque on the tooth cavity. Not only will this make your teeth become brittle, plaque on the teeth will make you look less attractive.

3. Do not forget one of the functions brushing your teeth is to kill the germs that may cause bad breath. So imagine if you do not brush your teeth regularly, then bacteria will pile up causing bad breath.

By committing to maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth, then you will be free from trouble. Brushing your teeth after meals and before bed will make your teeth healthy and clean. So how Ladies, still too lazy to brush their teeth?


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