Less Interacting With People Can Make You Crazy

Less Interacting With People Can Make You Crazy
There are many types of personality of the person, one of the many well known is the introverted type. Those who have an introverted personality usually prefer to spend time alone, absorbed in his own world, or do not like being in crowds too long.

Less Interacting With People Can Make You Crazy

Less Interacting
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For those who have an introverted personality might have difficulties in interacting or not so sociable. This is supported by the development of technology that makes today’s corpulent people ultimately prefer to communicate through cyberspace, using gadgets possessed without face to face.

Even now more often people send short messages to friends even if only hindered one seat, but they were one room and not being busy. Although it keep up with technology, but direct interaction plays an important role in maintaining mental health, you know.

If you would interact or communicate via Facebook, email, chat applications and a variety of social media, you no longer have meaningful interactions. Communication is considered Michael Mantell, PhD, scientific researcher behavioral, not the actual conversation because you lose the sense of “feeling” that is usually felt when talking face to face.

Gadgets can also redirect the social experience of each person and keep the actual close. Chat applications and social media serves as entertainment and “helpers” just when you really do not get to meet with people who want you to talk to. This impact is very worrying because people so do not have the desire to be together again and ignore the physical part. Though social closeness physically help everyone get to know others.

So, if you want to live a happier and not crazy, socialize with people around. Leave gadgetmu and talk with your friends. Make sure that you always have time fortunately hang out with family or friends without being disturbed gadget.


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