Lifestyle That Makes You Ageless

Lifestyle That Makes You Ageless – Looking younger than the real age is everyone’s dream; so it is not surprising that many people especially women strive to get fresh skin, healthy, beautiful, and youthful. Even today, many young women who have been doing various treatments to care for their skin from an early age.

Lifestyle That Makes You Ageless

Lifestyle That Makes You Ageless

But do you know if there are several ways you can do in order to stay young? Here are some tips you can do.

1. Do not smoke

If you do not want to have wrinkles faster, then, do not smoke! Smoking can speed up the normal aging process of your skin. Nicotine contained in cigarettes moisturizes constriction of blood vessels in the outermost layer of your skin. This will interfere with blood flow to the skin, resulting in little blood flow to the skin, causing your skin to not get enough oxygen and essential nutrients.

Chemicals in tobacco smoke can also damage skin collagen and elastin; consequently, the skin will have wrinkles faster because of smoking. Smoking does not even only cause wrinkles on the face, but also on other parts of the body, including the inside of your arm. Usually, these skin changes occur after a person smokes 10 years.

2. Diligent to eat foods that contain antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that are able to protect the skin from free radicals that can damage the skin. Antioxidants have the ability to stimulate the production of skin collagen. Collagen is an important part of the structure and process of skin rejuvenation. So one way to stay young is to multiply the consumption of antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds including red beans, blueberries, vegetable oils, fish, and others.

3. Expand protein

In addition to antioxidants, protein consumption can also help your body build and maintain muscle mass. Foods containing high protein are beneficial to produce collagen in the skin of the body. Some foods that contain high protein include salmon, eggs, tofu, and others.

4. Manage your stress

The 2013 study found that skin cells of depressed people were aged faster than those without depression. Chronic stress can speed up the process of premature aging by shortening the DNA telomeres. Telomere length is a marker of biological aging and your skin cells.

So, if you want to prevent aging early, then you should be able to manage your stress. Some of the ways you can do are walking, shopping, yoga, sports, singing, or doing things that make you happy.

5. Always wash your face before bed

Although trivial, this habit can help your skin regenerate during sleep. So, do not forget to wash your face before bed, especially after you move outdoors or use makeup on the face.

6. Wear sunscreen

You must have known that exposure to sunlight can contribute to skin discoloration. So, do not forget to use sunscreen when you move outdoors. A 2013 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who used sunblock or sunscreen three to four days a week were less likely to have skin aging than those who did not.

7. Drink plenty of water

Adequate water consumption can keep your skin hydrated. Loss of skin hydration can cause the skin to become dry and prone to wrinkles. Water is also very important in maintaining skin moisture because water can provide essential nutrients to your body’s skin cells.

8. Get enough sleep (no less, no exaggeration)

Simple skin care that you can do but often you ignore is enough sleep. At least, you are encouraged to sleep 6 hours per day in order to facilitate the task in regenerating the skin. Adequate sleep can also prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


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