Lose Weight After Childbirth Quickly

Lose Weight After Childbirth Quickly

Lose Weight , It is common knowledge if most women will typically experience weight increase quite dramatically. If not addressed of course this can disturb the appearance and health of the body. So as to maintain the appearance of the body kesehatah and often the mothers do various things like a strict diet and exercise to restore their body shape.

Lose Weight After Childbirth Quickly
In the exercise, Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO not encourage women exercising at the gym lifting weights and using the equipment. This is because after giving birth women after childbirth has not mempu normal activities as usual. He also advised to exercise at home and offset by other healthy foods. For more details, here is how to lose weight naturally after childbirth.
How to lose weight quickly and naturally after childbirth

Do not rush to lose weight

After giving birth is generally women’s weight will increase by around 12 to 16 kg. Normal weight and may fall to 4 kilograms in each month. In losing weight, one of the keys to success is not to rush into it down. A nutritionist Rira Ramayulis DCN, Kes advocates do not rush to lose weight after giving birth. Because after delivery also require nutrients to restore stamina.

Eating fruits and vegetables

The second is by way of eating fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables also one of the healthy foods that do not forget to include it in the list of best makanan.Waktu to eating fruits and vegetables is a before and after meals. So this will make the body more fit and healthy. Not only this, but it is also one way of increasing the production of milk to make it more smoothly.

Do light exercise

As stated by dr. Michael, moderate exercise is also a way to lose weight after giving birth. Some light exercise can a mother after giving birth is lifting weights, sit-ups, push-ups or holding a baby. Some of the sport’s very powerful to tighten, shrink the stomach and certainly lose weight.

avoid fried foods

The next way to lose weight is to avoid fried food. Fried foods rich in saturated fats that can make losing weight much longer. If the fat that is formed when pregnant is not immediately eliminated within a period of two years, it will be difficult to burn. Not only that fried foods can also raise cholesterol kada deficiency in the body.

Avoid losing weight drastically

Weight loss was not done drastically. If this is the case usually will have health problems, such as decreased body immunity, infection, cough and flu. Not only that drastic weight loss can also cause metabolic disorders, osteoporosis and anemia.


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