Cancer Tests at Home

Make a Cancer Tests at Home

Cancer Tests at Home
Cancer Tests at Home
– London society is now no longer need to bother to hospital to undergo tests to find out if there are any cancer cells that develop or not in the body. Quite a saliva test at home, patients can know the result is not more than 10 minutes.

Test ‘liquid biopsy’ for 15 pounds sterling (USD 293 thousand) is the latest invention doctors in London. This test is claimed to be able to know whether there are any signs of cancer or not with a fast, accurate, and inexpensive prices.

“If there are signs of a tumor in a person’s blood or saliva, the test quickly find,” said Professor David Wong from the University of California in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Mail, Monday (02/15/2016)

David said, early detection is important. When the results of the test showed positive for cancer, it will be easier to do healing action early in order not progressed to a higher stage.

“From one drop of saliva we can know. This test can also be done in the office, “David added.

This latest discovery is expected to reduce the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. Within a year, 330 thousand people positive cancer.


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