How to Make Food journal for weight loss

How to make a food journal for weight loss? There are many ways to lose weight, from unique, weird, to the extreme. If this one’s even easier once done, namely writing a food journal for weight loss! According to a study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, if you want to successfully reduce weight, you should not miss meals. You are also not allowed to eat outside, and ideally you have a journal of your own food.

Results of a study reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is also supported by dieticians Brittany Glassett who did not participate in the research. He mentioned the life style can help you to quickly thin. So it needs the help of a written record of all the food that goes into your stomach.

So, how to make a food journal for weight loss? In the food journal, you are required to make the table menu that consists of seven columns. There are things that you should write down in the columns. Writing in a column will help you better discipline in controlling and regulating your diet. If done consistently, your food journal can change your lifestyle to be more healthy.

Food journal for weight loss

Food journal

Here are seven things to be written in seven columns in the food journal:

Day, date and time: write down in detail the day, date and time you eat. This will help determine if your regular meal time or not. If not, make time to eat regularly and always the same every day.
The food and drink consumed: write down in detail the food and beverages you consume. This is to know the variety of food or menu and whether healthy or not.
The number of calories from foods and beverages consumed: If you know the number of calories each food write down in detail. This is to find out if your caloric intake is enough, excess or less precisely.
What are the perceived before/during/after eating (in the 0-5): in the scale of 0-5 write down what you feel before, during, and after the meal. 0 for very hungry and 5 for very full.
What is done while eating: write down what you think while eating in the form of sentences. This is to find out whether your eating habits while doing other work or not.
What do think about while eating: what do you think of when the Fed will also need to be written in a journal. This is to see if you eat while in a State of emotion or not.
What is felt after eating: write well you feel after eating in the form of sentences. It is to know, as far as what your satisfaction on the food. And, whether the food was made the impingement of emotions or not.

For anyone who wants to lose weight, manage diet is absolutely necessary. However, the exact setting is not a diet that forbids you to eat it, because it will only provide short-term benefits. 7 things above will help you make your food journal to lose weight. In order for diet programs that do survive in the long run, make sure you can monitor the progress of your diet. To make it easier to see the progress of the diet, so it is required food journal for weight loss.


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