Natural Diet How It Can Make Healthy Body

Natural Diet How It Can Make Healthy Body

Natural Diet – Has the ideal body weight is the dream of many women. Starting from taking medication thin, until the operation was performed. In fact, some are willing to do a strict diet in order to get the desired body weight. In fact, there is no way a natural diet that can still be done to get it.
Natural Diet
Natural diet is not the same as the diet that makes you have to hold excessive hunger. Natural diet means you can eat more food and still be able to get the weight you want. Of note, the food makes you full it is a food that contains vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
Here are some ways a natural diet that can you need to know, if really want to have an ideal body weight, and a healthy body.

Meet the daily calories needed

by age and sex, a person needs a different amount of calories. For example, in women aged 19 to 30 years of inactivity, the calories needed is 2000. As for those who are quite active, calories needed is 2000 to 2200. Then, for men aged 19 to 30 are not active, calories needed 2400. the man is moderately active require 2600 calories to 2800 calories per day. This required calorie requirement will be reduced by about 200 calories, as we get older.Calories are fulfilled should be no more than is needed by the body.Why? Because if you consume more calories than the body needs, the excess calories will be stored as body fat in fat cells.

Drink enough water

Your body needs fluids to an organ in it to function properly, maintain body temperature, melubrikasi joints, and protects sensitive network diversity. Not only that, if you want a natural diet means you running smoothly and your digestion is good, you need plenty of fluids, especially water. Because, in addition to water can help the flow of food in the gut, according to research by the amount of water consumption is inversely related to the consumption of calorie sweet drinks and other types of liquids. Means more consumption of water, diminishing the consumption of liquid calories and sweet. As for the water needed by the body is 2.2 liters per day or equal to 9 cups. And for men is 3 liters per day, equivalent to about 13 cups.

Eat vegetables and fruits

Doing how natural diet is easy, and does not need to be afraid of hunger. Because, when this diet you will be eating more vegetables and fruits that contain not only vitamins but also fiber and water. The content is what can make you feel full longer. Vegetables and fruits also have a low calorie, so you do not need to worry too much in taking effect.
Hearing the term means a natural diet maybe you will immediately think that this will take a long time to get the desired weight. In fact, with more discipline yourself and be supported with regular exercise, it is not likely that you can get what you want.
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