Natural Tips to Eliminate Acne On Back

Natural Tips to Eliminate Acne On Back – Apparently one of these skin diseases not only grow or arise in the facial diarea, but can grow in closed areas such as the back. Acne can indeed grow in the body, especially oily areas, this little one is very disturbing.

Tips to Eliminate Acne On Back

Maybe you ask why acne can grow on your back. If you want to find out more, let’s refer to the causes or factors that affect the growth of acne on the back.

Here is how to get rid of acne on your back :

The First Cause of Sweat

Sweat is the main cause of skin become moist, so if you are lazy to keep the body clean then do not blame if your body parts can be overgrown with acne.

The second cause is Clothing

Use less appropriate clothes such as wearing clothes that are too tight. This can cause the body to become hot because it can not absorb sweat. Well, this is what can cause bacteria or germs that combine with dead skin cells and dry clogging occurs in the pores of the skin that is the cause of the growth of acne.

The Following Cause is the Use of Conditioner

Conditioner is one of the hair care products that can trigger the growth of acne. Why can? The conditioner can indeed nourish hair so it makes it look healthy and beautiful. However, if the use of conditioner on the surface of the skin can cause acne. This is because the conditioner contains a silicon substance, so wash the skin clean from the residue conditioner attached.

The Last Cause is the Use of Fragrance or Softener

For those of you who have sensitive skin types, you should avoid using fragrance or softener as this will only make your skin an irritation that can trigger the growth of acne.Then how to solve the problem?
Well to overcome these problems, there are several ways you can do it easily and safely and effectively. What is it? The following are as follows :

1. Use Anti Bacterial Soap
Maintain body hygiene with 2 to 3 times a bath using anti-bacterial soap. The intensity of the bath can be increased especially if you have done activities that sweat a lot. At least this can prevent the body from growing acne and fungus.

2. Use Scrub
Srube fungus to remove dead skin cells that can clog the pores of the skin of acne. Do it once a week, do not forget to use a scrub with a fine grain this is to keep the skin does not occur irritation. Doing scrubs also not too often because it can cause the skin to lose natural oils so it becomes dry. Oiya, do not forget also to apply lotion after doing a scrub. Need dingat also ya! scrubs can only be done if the skin has not been inflamed or severe, okay !!!

3. Use Natural Masks
You can try a natural mask to remove acne such as lemon, tomato, orange peel and egg whites. The following I will describe how to disguise and its use, namely :
– Lemon Fruit Mask: content such as, phosphorus, vitamin C, carbohydrates and B vitamins that function to remove acne while eliminating black spots. Prepare 1 lemon, then split and squeeze the water. After that, mix with a little water while stirring evenly. Next, apply the ingredients using cotton on the acne area. Finally wipe with water.
– Tomato Fruit Mask: prepare some tomatoes, then wash them thoroughly. After that puree tomatoes like pasta, then rub on the acne area. Then let stand for a few minutes until dry and absorbed. Finally rinse with cold water.
– Citrus Skin Mask: dry orange peel, then blend it with a blender. After that, give a mixture of 1 or a spoon of milk powder, stirring evenly. Then apply on acne prone skin and let stand for 15 minutes. Finally rinse with water.
– White Egg Mask: beat egg whites only until fluffy and pale. After that, apply on the skin evenly and let stand for 20 minutes. Finally wipe with water


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