Natural Ways Eliminate Black Stains on the Face

Natural Ways Eliminate Black Stains on the Face – Black spots or black spots on the face is a facial issue other than acne that often appears. Not an easy thing to solve this one problem. It needs more effort, painstaking in fighting it. Some ways to eliminate them is by facial, do the treatment in the salon or using a particular product. But unfortunately must spend a considerable amount. And how to remove black stains on the face can be done in a way that is cheap and of course safe.

Eliminate Black Stains on the Face

Here are some ways you can do:

1. Lemon or Lime
How to remove black stains on the face of the first You can use lemon or lime to remove black stains on the face. Both of these fruit have mineral and vitamin content.
How to use that is, apply lemon juice or lemon juice on the face that there are black stains. Flatten. and allow up to overnight for maximum results. So it is suggested this way is done during the night. It’s only the morning you rinse your face using warm water.

2. Tomatoes
In addition to beneficial to brighten the skin, tomatoes are also able to remove black stains on the face. The trick is very easy, you simply refine it with blender and use as a mask. Or if you do not want to bother blend it, can also just cut it into several parts, then paste on your face that there are black spots.

3. Papaya
In papaya contain papain which is an enzyme to exfoliate the skin and help the production of new skin cells, so it can make the skin brighter and fresh. You can choose green papaya because papain content is higher than a ripe papaya, but it will feel a little sting.
How to use it, puree papaya until like porridge, mixed with lemon juice. Rub the mixture on the area of the face with black spots. Let stand for 15 minutes so that the content of papaya and lemon soak. Finally, rinse face with clean water. Do it how to remove black stains on this face every day.

4. Watermelon Skin
High fiber content also vitamin A, B and C make watermelon as one of the best medicine to remove black stains on the face. The cool nature of the watermelon can reduce black spots on the skin, caused by exposure to sunlight.
The trick is, separate the watermelon from the skin. Then use the skin of the watermelon inside to rub the black spot on the skin of the face. Let stand for some time so that watermelon juice can seep into the skin well. Then rinse face clean.

5. Potatoes
The content of Vitamin C, B complex, as well as minerals in potatoes are able to stimulate elastin synthesis and collagen. Use the potato to remove the black stain on the face by making it a face mask.
How to make, grated 3 pieces of potatoes, add enough water and squeeze grated potatoes and strain to take water. Add lemon juice and honey.


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