Natural Ways to Eliminate Former Smallpox

Natural Ways to Eliminate Former Smallpox – Smallpox is one disease that can leave a scar that is difficult to lose. Smallpox scars often make a person less confident to meet and deal with others especially with the opposite sex. Smallpox is one disease that can spread throughout the body including to the face and head of a person. This is the main problem for people with smallpox.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Former  Smallpox

Many people with smallpox who are willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of buying ointment and scar removal drug that has been widely traded. Though you can also use natural ingredients to remove smallpox or black spots on the face without causing side effects, but it can also save your expenses. The results obtained from the use of natural ingredients are equally good and satisfying compared to using expensive drugs and ointments.

Here we provide a reference to the Natural Way to Eliminate Former Smallpox that you should try before using chemicals whose side effects can be harmful later on.

1. Eliminate Smallpox Using Green Beans.

The first way to remove smallpox is by using green beans. Green beans have antioxidants that can stimulate your skin regeneration rate. How to make :

  • Soak green beans in cold water for 7 hours
  • Drain then mashed green beans until smooth
  • Give a little water to the soft green beans so that the texture resembles a paste
  • Apply green beans to the skin of your smallpox
  • Allow to dry and rinse thoroughly
  • Do this routine everytime before going to sleep

2. Eliminate Smallpox Using Sweet Corn.

Water content in sweet corn can make your skin regenerate faster. How to make it very simple:

  • Choose sweet corn that is still young
  • Grate corn until it becomes smooth and easy to stick to your skin
  • Apply to your smallpox scars and let it sink to the skin
  • Clean with water until clean

3. Eliminate Smallpox Using Honey.

Honey can be used to cure chronic diseases. In addition, honey is also used to treat wounds of smallpox. How:

  • Apply honey to smallpox scars
  • Do not let ants and flies go to the honey that is already attached to your skin
  • After soaked rinse with warm water until clean

4. Eliminate Smallpox Using Noni Fruit.

Noni is known by its smell is not tasty, but behind it all there are good benefits for the body. The benefits of noni fruit can also be used as a remover of smallpox scars in skin. How:

  • Prepare some fruits that have been cooked
  • Make a Noni fruit juice without any mixture
  • Drink fruit juice noni for 3 times a week and should be used in the next weeks until the smallpox disappear

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