Natural Ways to white skin

Natural Ways to white skin – Many things have been done by someone in order to have white skin. There are not confident if his skin is brown or dark brown. In various ways taken to get skin that is white and clean. Though not all brown skin was not confident. Many women who like leather or brown as it looks sexy.
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Natural Ways to white skin

white skin

OfCourse whiten skin for woman to be a dream could even be a necessity. Whites would have a higher level of confidence. Plus already white, smooth and without blemishes acne scars or burns. But if your skin is not so white, although that version of you, there are several ways you can do. The material used was derived from natural materials. Does not have side effects such as using chemicals. What is the natural way?

Here’s the natural way in order to have white skin:

1. Tomatoes

The tomatoes can make the skin become white. In addition to vitamin C a lot of cosmetics using tomatoes as a base for skin whitening. The trick mix the grated tomatoes with 3 drops of lemon juice. Then apply on the skin.

2. Potatoes

In addition to edible potatoes also have the function of skin whitening. The way the grated potatoes and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply it on your skin. After simply rinse with clean water.

3. Eggs

Eggs also has the function of skin whitening. The trick mix egg white (remember the white only) with lemon. Make a paste and then apply on the skin.

4. Soya

Meals are included in the legume family also has a function to whiten the skin.

5. strawberries

In addition to containing vitamin C strawberries is also well used to whiten the skin.

6. Papaya

Bia allegedly papaya skin whitening. Papaya has a good function to brighten the skin. The trick, mix one scoop of green papaya and a tablespoon of ripe papaya. Then grow or blender. Apply it on your skin and let sit. Then rinse with clean water.

7. Milk

Milk can also whiten the skin. A lot is a milk bath. Milk was allegedly also removes skin cells that die.

Similarly, natural ways that you can use to whiten the skin. Do it regularly every day. Try the natural way first because there is no risk or side effects. Hopefully the article in order to have white skin can be useful for you.


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