Why Often Appears Acne Upon Menstruation

Why Often Appears Acne Upon Menstruation – One of the complaints that often arise when going to menstruation in addition to a body that is easily tired is a sudden acne on the face. This acne increasingly annoyed and the mood so up and down. This time Vemale will try to discuss about this menstrual acne and how to overcome them.

Why Often Appears Acne Upon Menstruation

Appears Acne Upon Menstruation

Ladies, acne during menstruation arise because of the hormone estrogen and testosterone hormones that will develop during the menstrual period. Hormonal changes that occur before menstruation is what causes the sudden growth of acne on the face. This unbalanced hormone is the main cause.

In addition to these internal factors there are also external factors that cause acne appears. It could be because you do not keep your hands and face clean. Acne is prone to appear.

To prevent the appearance of acne before menstruation you are strongly advised to keep the facial hygiene thoroughly. Also increase water consumption because dry skin will more easily experience acne.

Well Ladies, if you are still spotty before menstruation then do not press or scratch the pimple yes. Let it disappear by itself so as not to leave marks on the face.


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