How To Overcome Dry And Black Lips

How To Overcome Dry And Black Lips – Having a healthy and beautiful lips is a dream for all of you. However, not everyone can get it and make a little annoyed, there are some problems that often occur on the lips. This problem is dry and black lips. In addition to not beautiful to the eye, has dry and black lips also feel unhealthy, especially if dry lips to cracked. Then, is there any way of overcoming dry and black lips? The answer is sure to be there.

How To Overcome Dry And Black Lips

Overcome Dry And Black Lips

For those of you who experience similar problems here is how to cope with dry and black lips you should try :

1. Use Lip Moisturizer
Do not forget to use a lip moisturizer when going outdoors. Using a lip moisturizer before using your preferred lipstick, is an effective way to protect your lips from dryness while remaining stylish. It is very effective as one way of overcoming dry and black lips.

2. Using Honey
Honey is very good for moisturizing lips and overcoming black lips. Simply apply honey and let stand a few minutes. Once it is enough, clean the honey. But remember, the used should be really original honey that has not been mixed with other ingredients. This is one way to deal with dry and black lips are quite effective.

3. Cucumber
Cucumber is great for removing the black color on the lips. How to refine cucumber and mixed with lime juice to taste. Then apply on black lips and let stand for about ten minutes. Once it is enough to rinse your lips with clean water.

4. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a plant of a million benefits. Besides good for hair, aloe vera is also very good to brighten lip lips. The trick is also very easy, just take mucus from aloe vera meat and apply on the lips. However, because the taste of aloe vera is quite bitter, be careful in applying aloe vera so it does not go into the mouth.

5. Do not Lick Your Lips
When you feel your lips dry, usually you will reflexively lick your lips. However, licking the lips does not make your lips moist but instead make it dry. This is because the content of enzymes in the saliva can damage the protective lips, and make your lips become more dry automatically. Therefore, from now on reduce the habit though not easy.


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