Overcome Insomnia Diseases With Food

Overcome Insomnia Diseases With Food

Overcome Insomnia
Overcome Insomnia
– A day of activities certainly body will become tired and we want a good night’s sleep and slumbering. Quality sleep will give you freshness and energy the next day.
This disorder is experienced by many people, especially city office workers. According to recent studies mention the fact that most of the adults who live in the city of sleeplessness or insomnia disease.

Needless to swallow sleeping pills, natural and tasty food consumption can also be overcome. Actually, eating foods rich in potassium and magnesium will help you fast asleep. You Body Health will give tips to avoid insomnia, scroll down guys for Overcome Insomnia!

Many health experts call a banana as sleeping pill. Bananas contain a lot of melatonin and serotonin, magnesium in bananas will make the body’s nerves and muscles become more relaxed. Eating bananas before bed was also good to prevent insomnia. Well as the potassium and magnesium to make the muscles relax so that more quality sleep.

Drinking a glass of warm fresh milk will put you to sleep soundly. Milk has tryptophan and amino acids that function as drugs. Drink a glass of milk before bed. Calcium milk will make the brain become more calm and will neutralize the nerve in the brain that create a cozy atmosphere and relax before bed. A calm mind will make you sleep for hours.


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