How To Overcome Nausea While Pregnant

How To Overcome Nausea While Pregnant – How to cope with nausea during pregnancy can be started by changing the pattern of activities and eating patterns daily. Pregnant women need to recognize their own needs so that nausea does not make the activity disturbed.

How To Overcome Nausea While Pregnant

Overcome Nausea While Pregnant

Nausea in early pregnancy, especially in the morning, is a very common and normal thing. Some pregnant women can handle it well, while some others may experience severe nausea and vomiting that can be very annoying not only physically, but also emotionally.High levels of estrogen make pregnant women more sensitive to certain scents that can make it nauseated. In addition, when the stomach is empty, the acid in the stomach begins to cause irritation to the stomach wall, triggering nausea.

How to Easily Overcome Nausea while Pregnant

Organize food and drinks

  • Instead of eating in large portions once in a while, it is better to eat small but more frequent meals, especially those rich in carbohydrates and low in fat such as toast and better choose less sweet and spicy foods.
  • Consume enough fluids to prevent vomiting. However, avoid sweet drinks, cold, and that taste too sharp.
  • Avoid foods or drinks that make nauseous aroma. Better avoid hot foods that often smell more stinging than cold food.
  • If you’re cooking yourself, choose a more easily prepared and non-greasy food processing method. If possible, get someone else’s help to do things that make you sick, like cooking.
  • Keep providing easy and convenient meals for your consumption such as nuts, dairy products, and
    If necessary, make a note of a list of foods that make you feel sick and comfortable. This will make it easier for you to plan the food menu.
  • Ginger and mint are believed to relieve nausea. You can add ginger to tea or warm mineral water, also can try to consume ginger candy or candy
  • Avoid fatty foods, fried foods, as well as sour and spicy foods because it can cause irritation to the digestive system.
  • You can try eating cold sports drinks that contain potassium, salt, and glucose to replace electrolyte loss.
  • Pay close attention and consult if your pregnancy vitamin may cause nausea, as the minerals can incriminate the digestive system.

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