Herbs to overcome Stomach Acid

Overcome Stomach Acid With Herbs

When experiencing some of these symptoms, stomach acid drug usually be one solution selected for each lot to relieve symptoms of stomach acid is high. However, in addition to chemical drugs, you can also treat high stomach acid by using herbs to overcome high gastric acid that is around.

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Overcome Stomach Acid With Herbs

There are several types of herbs that can be used as a natural gastric acid drugs, including:

One type of vegetable is proved to have a material that can make stomach acid to be better. By eating cucumber regularly or mixed with yogurt, can help neutralize stomach acid effectively.

Kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.)
Materials included these spices are often available in the kitchen. However, if you know, but used as a spice in the kitchen, it also has the benefit kencur to neutralize stomach acid is high. How utilization was fairly easy, prepare approximately 1 finger rhizome kencur been washed clean. Peel and chewable kencur with salt to taste. After that, swallow kencur and drinking warm water. Perform this treatment therapy 3 times a day on a regular basis.

The banana is able to protect the gastric mucous membrane of the stomach acid because it contains antitukak peptic (anti wounds in the stomach). Very easy to use, ie select bananas that are old but not yet mature. Cut the banana into small chips and drying resembles the way the wind cooling it. Once dry, blender or mashed bananas until it looks like flour. Consumption of the herb stretcher by mixing 2 tablespoons powdered plantain with honey. Consumption of the herb 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

The properties of turmeric to heal wounds has been known since 1953. A case study for abdominal pain due to a stomach ulcer that has been done, after 12 weeks of treatment, 88% of patients who received pills turmeric (3 pills which is equivalent to 4g) showed a significant improvement ,

To get the benefits of turmeric to tackle stomach acid, prepare at least 2 middle finger turmeric and peel and wash thoroughly. Setlah it, grate and add boiled water. Squeeze the saffron and set aside the results. Take the juice of the turmeric and consumption of 2 times a day in the morning before meals and at night before bed.

Green beans
Herbs for stomach acid to overcome the latter is the green beans. The green beans were able to thicken the lining of the stomach. Moreover, it also could neutralize excess stomach acid levels. How to eat them quite easily, that you consume enough green bean porridge without extra coconut milk. Try not too long when cooked. The bean porridge consumption regularly every morning and evening.

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