How Make Rice Mask To Whiten Face

How Make Rice Mask To Whiten Face – The benefits of rice masks for facial skin can be enlightening, refining and whitening. This one mask is also believed and has been proven to remove black spots, acne scars and smallpox. Rice contains squalane oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C which makes it very beneficial for the skin.

How Make Rice Mask To Whiten Face

Make Rice Mask To Whiten Face

How to Make Rice Mask

These days, especially women are becoming aware of the dangers contained in cosmetics so choose to use natural ingredients for their beauty treatments. Among them by using a face mask from natural ingredients. Starting from fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs to rice.

Make rice masks themselves do have to go through several stages. This is what makes some women lazy and prefer to use ready-made products. But somehow the natural certainly more secure.

Well, this time I will give tips and how to make your own rice masks start from the beginning. Consider the following steps and practice at home.

Making Rice Flour

Rice flour, is the main ingredient for making rice mask. Actually this rice flour can be bought in supermarkets. However, most of the rice is mixed with bleach. What we need here is organic rice flour that has not been mixed with any ingredients. So if you want to buy rice flour to make a mask, make sure it is organic rice flour that is not mixed with other ingredients, pure rice flour. And the best is Japanese rice. But if it is difficult to search , local rice can also.

First step

The way is easy enough. Take enough organic rice, wash and then soak for the night. The next day rice is smashed by pounding or blending. Dry in the hot sun until completely dry. Rice flour ready for use as a mask.

The second way

Almost the same as the first way, take enough organic rice then wash it thoroughly and soak overnight. If possible, choose a clear colored grain, because it contains high squalane oil. Rinse the rice until half dry, then mash until smooth (can also blend). Strain with flour sieves, take a very fine flour and separate in the container.

Add the rose water little by little and stir to form a dough that can be formed. The dough forms into small spheres. Dry to dry.

For use, take the grains of rice flour, then brewed with water until a dough like pasta. Apply the dough all over the face as a mask. For the face of acne can be added with garlic. Unused mask (small granules) can be stored for a maximum of one month.

Types of Rice Masks

This rice mask of many types and variations. Depending on the goals to be achieved, whether to brighten facial skin, whiten, remove acne, black spots, acne scars, and so forth. Usually this mask is mixed with other ingredients such as honey, olive oil, milk. Here are some variations of rice masks that you can try.

1. Rice and Honey Mask

Honey is a natural ingredient that is magical because of its infinite usefulness for the health of the human body. Includes for the beauty of facial skin. In addition to rich in antioxidants, honey can also moisturize the skin and accelerate the process of exfoliation of dead skin cells. Take the rice flour and add a few drops of honey then mix well. Apply on face as a mask.

Also read the article on how to make honey mask and its variations, for face and hair.

2. Rice and Tomato Mask

Tomato is a nutritious lami bahami to remove blackheads and acne. Add the tomatoes into the rice mask then mash until smooth and stir until evenly distributed. Apply on face, rub the top of the nose to remove dead skin cells.

3. Rice Mask and Baking Soda

Besides being used in baking, baking soda is also known as a nutritious ingredient for facial beauty treatments. Take tepugn enough rice, add baking soda and a few drops of honey. Make pasta paste with the three ingredients. Apply the dough on the face evenly. Gently rub the face with a circular motion for 1 minute. Rinse with cold water. Baking soda is efficacious to remove dead skin cells and overcome the excess oil.

4. Rice, Honey and Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural ingredient nutritious to keep skin moisture and youthfulness. Combine rice flour, honey and olive oil to form pasta dough. Apply evenly on the face, avoid the area around the eyes and lips. Leave on for about 20 minutes, rinse with clean water. Dry the face with a soft towel by patting onto the face, do not rub. Do this semi treatment


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