Puree Skin In Count Day With Aloe Vera

Puree Skin In Count Day With Aloe Vera

Puree Skin In Count Day With Aloe Vera
Puree Skin , Who is not familiar with the aloe vera plant? I am sure, everyone is familiar with the plant that is cool on this one. Not just cool, quoted from page naturalremedyideas.com, the aloe vera plant is also believed to make the skin more delicate, more tender, more fresh and also free from the problem of blackheads and pimples. In fact, aloe vera has been trusted for hundreds of years to maintain the strength, health and beauty hair.

When talking about the benefits of aloe vera, one of the amazing benefits of aloe vera is to soften the skin. Nutrients contained in aloe is said to be made of the skin clean, soft and pretty. Not only that, nutrients and natural substances contained in aloe vera are believed to disguise the scars and make skin more smooth too fresh.

Oh yes, roughly, how to use aloe for the skin care? You see, when you want to perform the treatment with aloe vera, first of all, prepare the leaves of the aloe vera plant stalks. Peel the leaves and take the gel in it. This gel wash with clean water and then puree. If it is smooth, apply to the skin of the face or neck skin until evenly distributed. While rubbing gently massage for 10 to 15 minutes. If so, rinse face and neck with cold water until clean.

For maximum results, do this treatment once every two days. After this treatment, apply olive oil to your skin before going to bed. By doing this treatment regularly. The skin will be more bright, clean and softer within days.

Note : Not all skin types suitable to this treatment. Some sensitive skin will have a rash or itching due to allergy to the aloe vera plant. If this happens to you, try to immediately stop treatment and wash skin. So that no more severe allergies, immediately compress the face with ice water and apply coconut oil or olive oil.

Hopefully this information is helpful. To look pretty perfect, basically do not have to do the treatment at the salon and spend a budget expensive KoG. Treatment with natural materials would also be very good and make you can look pretty perfect all the time. More interestingly, this natural treatment is also very cheap.


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