What As a Result If Sensitive Teeth Is Left Only

What As a Result If Sensitive Teeth Is Left Only – If you’ve had teething and sudden teething while eating cold or sugary foods, you may have sensitive teeth. This condition can not be considered trivial, let alone left without handling anything, because the pain due to sensitive teeth can not heal itself and will get worse if ignored.

What As a Result If Sensitive Teeth Is Left Only

If Sensitive Teeth Is Left Only

If you have sensitive teeth, you should take special care so that the pain does not come back at any time during the meal. You certainly do not want it, togetherness with the nearest person so disturbed due to teeth ?

Who are susceptible to having sensitive teeth?

According to research conducted Ipsos Indonesia in 2011, as many as 45% of Indonesian people feel the pain and stabbing pain when eating cold and hot, sweet, or sour food and drink. However, more than half did not realize that they had sensitive teeth, so they did not care for sensitive dentifrice special toothpaste, and did not go to the doctor until the condition was sustainable.

Sensitive teeth can happen to anyone, and whenever. Your teeth could have been problematic, but only began to be sensitive after entering a certain age. Generally, sensitive teeth occur between the ages of 20 and 50, although there are also some teenagers and elderly people over 70 who have sensitive teeth. In addition, women are more prone to have sensitive teeth than men. Are you one of them?

Causes of sensitive teeth

Teeth become sensitive when the dentin layer is exposed, so the nerve fibers also participate exposed. Some of the things that can make this happen are inflammation of the gums, brushing teeth too hard, cracked teeth due to plaque, acidic food, the habit of grinding your teeth, and using tooth whitening products that are too hard.

Why sensitive teeth should not be left alone?

Sensitive teeth cause pain and aches whenever you eat or drink cold, hot, sour, or sweet. If left untreated, this will prevent you from enjoying a variety of favorite foods and drinks.

However, if the sensitive tooth is allowed to drag on without treatment, this condition can become more severe, cause prolonged pain, and increased sensitivity.

In the advanced stages, sensitive teeth can even feel pain and aches when exposed to wind.

In addition, sensitive teeth can also have an impact on other complications in your mouth. Sometimes sensitive teeth are one of the symptoms of cavities or dental caries. An untreated hole may continue to be an infection of the gums and jaw, accompanied by pain, swelling, and risk of infection spreading to other areas of the head and even the neck. To prevent this from happening, check with your dentist to find out what causes your sensitive teeth.


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