Seven Makeup Tips For Swimming You Can Try

Seven Makeup Tips For Swimming You Can Try – Shown beautiful on all occasions is the desire of almost all women. No wonder if they often apply makeup even during sports. But what if the sport you want to do is swim, dive, or other sports that come into contact with water?

Seven Makeup Tips For Swimming You Can Try

Makeup Tips For Swimming

You do not worry! Because there is a way that can be done to keep the look of makeup to remain charming while swimming. Yup! using waterproof or waterproof makeup products. Here are some makeup tips for swimming that you can try!

1. Wear sunscreen

When exercising outdoors, make sure your face is protected from the dangers of sunlight so as not to burn because of exposure to the sun for too long. Well, that’s why, makeup tips for swimming first is very important to use sunscreen before using basic makeup such as primer or foundation. After making sure the face is clean, you can apply a special sunscreen used for makeup, to the face and neck in a thin.

2. Use the primary

In addition, makeup tips for swimming that you can do next is do not forget to use the primer to cover the stains on the face. The use of this primer is one of the best ways to hold all makeup in order to stay durable in the face, both in water and for everyday use. But make sure if the formula waterproof and water base, yes!

3. Avoid powder makeup products

Creamy textured makeup products are more waterproof than powder-shaped makeup. Because the product in the form of powder is most powerful to absorb the oil so much easier to absorb sweat but unfortunately can not stand with water. That is why, if you want to do sports swimming, you should wear a cream-made makeup product for blush on and eyeshadow because it will be more durable.

4. Protect the lips with lip balm

When you swim, do not forget to use lip gloss to make lips look more fresh. You can complement your appearance by using SPF-containing lipstick. In addition, choose bright lip color with a soft pink and peach color that approaches your natural lip color. Do not forget to protect the lips with lip balm or lip stain products, to avoid exposure to the sun also that can cause cracking due to drought.

5. Choose a bold eyeliner color

If you like a bold look, you can apply aqua-blue (blueish) or sea-green eyeliner that makes your eyes livelier. But if you do not like the striking look, you can use eyeliner in general like brown and black.

6. Apply bronzer

You can enhance your appearance by creating natural luster as exposed to sunlight using a bronzer. For professional and natural looking results, apply bronzer to facial areas that are often exposed to sunlight such as on your cheeks, nose, temples and forehead.

7. Do not use makeup products every day

Using makeup products containing silicone, polymer and silica can indeed make the makeup durable and certainly waterproof. But if used every day continuously, the use of makeup will make your skin experience irritation, acne, and even allergic reactions in large quantities due to contamination use of makeup products with pond water.

That’s why, makeup tips for swimming that is not less important to note is, you should use makeup products that contain silicone and other materials that are water-based just enough or just a certain moment.


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