Side Effects Facial Facial Needs To Know

Side Effects Facial Facial Needs To Know – Facial facial can now be done anywhere. Can be done at home or professionally in beauty care center, spa, and salon. However, you should be careful, because if not done by trained personnel, especially without medical supervision, this action may even cause undesirable effects on the skin.

Side Effects Facial Facial Needs To Know

Skin Effects May Cause

Treatment with facial facial generally has three stages. Facial facial begins massaging the area around the face by using face cream, then continued by giving hot steam on the face through a warm towel or electric steam. Finally, clean the skin until the pores, and apply face mask.

Facial facial procedures should only be done with the supervision of professional health personnel, such as a dermatologist. Errors cleaning and choosing facial facial products can bring negative effects for skin health.

Here are the side effects that can occur after facial facials:

Irritation and Dry Skin

Use of beauty care products that are less precise cause irritation and skin redness. Some facial care products generally contain ingredients that can make the skin peel off. Cleansing the face with coarse ingredients not only makes the skin peel, but also makes the skin dry and itchy. In this condition, avoid exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun for too long, because it can aggravate the skin condition. To fix this, apply a moisturizing product for dry skin that does not contain perfumes. If necessary use sunscreen before doing outdoor activities.

Erythema and edema

Research shows facial facials can cause immediate facial side effects such as erythema and edema. Facial erythema is characterized by symptoms of reddish facial skin, caused by dilation of the blood vessels of the skin and increased blood flow to the facial skin. While edema is a swelling due to accumulation of fluid in body tissues, in this case is the face. Both of these conditions cause the face to look red and swollen.

Dermatitis and acneiform eruption

Dermatitis also called eczema is a skin inflammatory condition marked by an itchy rash and reddish color. This condition can be caused by irritation or allergic reaction to the ingredients used. While acneiformis eruption or acneiform eruption is a skin disorder that resembles acne that can be caused by infection and reaction to drugs. For these complaints, you may need further drug or treatment assistance by your doctor, to effectively fix the complaints on the face.

Do not easily tempted by the frills of facial care face is cheap and fast. Visit a trusted facial beauty treatment center under the supervision of a doctor to avoid facial facial side effects.


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