Signs Love from Your Toddler

Signs Love from Your Toddler

Signs Love from Your Toddler ,Children who have entered preschool or toddler turned out to have been able to express their affection to the Mother in their own way. Although Mother did not notice the little guy is actually trying to send a message of love to you.

Signs Love from Your Toddler

He acted in front of you
Children will always try to get the attention of his parents and if the positive attention they can not get, then the negative attention they were willing to get. When Mother was talking with other parents in the playgroup, he will strive to seek attention by acting in a school play area.

You are a role model for her
At whatever age the children will always see their parents as role models in his life. Mother being angry or cursing people on the phone while driving is a rock star for him. So it is very important for you to be cautious when acting in front of the child.

He says love on you
Finally at the age of 3-4 years the child will begin to say affection for you. Be prepared to hear “I love Mother”, “Mother very soft skin,” or “I want to live together forever with Mother” who all have the same meaning.

He tried to soothe you
At preschool age, children are very likely to surprise you with a sense of empathy. Unexpectedly child suddenly offered a warm blanket when Bunda hospital or give a warm hug when she sees you sad. Mother is the world and everything for baby and she did not want anything to disturb you.

He’s trying to hurt you with words
When making your child Mother upset or hurt him, then he will repay what you do with trying to get back to you. Mother might hear “I hate Mother” when you do not buy a toy he wanted. However, believe that it is his way of saying that the mother was the only person who loves and is not supposed to hurt.

He gave you a gift
Be prepared with a surprise gift of a child in the form of a bunch of flowers from the front garden or facial images Mother had made at school. Prizes are awarded to the Mother is his way of saying that you are very special for him.

He is happy when you return
Know that children are very sad when Mother went without him. To demonstrate this, the child could have hugged and massaged mother after a day of going to work.


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